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Create Human Holograms on Any Smartphone

By Nextech3D.ai on Aug 17, 2022 9:30:00 AM

4 min read

When it comes to groundbreaking technology, few things can match the pure “gee-whiz” factor of holograms. Ever since Princess Leia’s flickering form appeared imploring Obi-Wan Kenobi for help in Star Wars, people have been fascinated by the technology. More recently, supergroup ABBA has produced ABBA Voyage, a “live” concert with digital avatars of the band’s members singing and dancing for fans’ delight. 

But wait, wouldn’t it be amazing if anyone could create their own human holograms as easily as picking up their smartphone? Now they can! ARitize Holograms from Nextech AR Solutions is the first-to-market AI-powered app that lets people create, share, and view human holograms on any iOS or Android smartphone - no green screen required! The app is also available as a software development kit (SDK) to allow developers to tap into this groundbreaking technology. 


ARitize Holograms uses advanced AI and proprietary machine learning algorithms to process human holograms in just minutes. Once complete, they can be shared and viewed anywhere - TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and more - via a convenient QR code. People can access and enjoy them wherever they are: at home, on the beach, at work or school - or even on the deck of a rebel starship.  


Three Easy Pieces 

It’s so easy to create, share, view, and enjoy   


Fast! Create breathtaking holograms in mere minutes, no greenscreen or special equipment required.  

Easy! Share your holograms using a QR code, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.  

Magic! Beam holograms and they can be viewed anywhere. 


Wherever people choose to view your hologram, they will love them.  

As cool as they are, holograms aren’t just for entertainment. Human holograms can serve a wide range of purposes across many industries. They include product demonstrations, fitness and training instruction, educational tutorials, cooking demonstrations, social media, brand ambassador programs, hair and beauty demos and so much more. The use cases are limited only by the imagination. 

ARitize Holograms are yet another example of the groundbreaking work being done by Nextech AR Solutions. It’s another way the company aims to bring incredible AR assets and experiences to every facet of the world, from humans with ARitize Holograms, places with ARway, and detailed and configurable objects with ARitize3D. All of these advances point to the company’s mission to create and populate the ever-expanding metaverse. 


While human holograms might not be our only hope, they can help you make a strong and lasting impression on your customers.

To learn more and experience the stunning power of human holograms, try ARitize Holograms today! 

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Written by Nextech3D.ai