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Featuring 3X CEO
Evan Gappelberg

The Public Company CEO Experience Podcast
Featuring 3X CEO Evan Gappelberg 

Get a behind the scenes understanding of a Public Company from the ultimate insider: a 3X CEO, Evan Gappelberg.

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Podcast Episodes

FRI, 19 MAY 2023

Episode 1: The CEO Experience Public Company Podcast kicks off with episode 1, introducing Evan Gappelberg, CEO of 3 Public Companies: Nextech3D.ai (CSE:NTAR) (OTC:NEXCF), ARway.ai (CSE:ARWY) (OTC:ARWYF) and Toggle3D.ai (CSE:TGGL)


Your Hosts

Evan Gappelberg

A serial entrepreneur and CEO of 3 public companies



Julia Viola

CEO Assistant, Investor Relations Manager,

triathlete, marathon runner, scuba diver and black belt



Lindsay Betts

CEO Assistant, Investor Relations Manager,

world traveler having been to 21 countries on 3 continents, motorcycle enthusiast


More About 3X CEO Evan Gappelberg

Mr. Gappelberg is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in creating, funding and running pioneering start-ups. He has global business experience both as a hands-on CEO and as a public company CEO. He currently serves as CEO and Founder of Nextech3D.ai (OTC- NEXCF) and as CEO of ARway.ai ( OTC- ARWYF) and as CEO of Toggle3D.ai (CSE - TGGL) which are all publicly traded technology companies.

Mr. Gappelberg attained his capital market expertise in the 1990’s while working on Wall Street funding IPO’s. Notably he was instrumental in funding Take Two Interactive which has a recent valuation of about $20 billion NASDAQ : TTWO. 

He started as an entrepreneur while on Wall Street where he was Co-founder and CEO of EG Products which he self funded. While CEO he went to China to setup manufacturing for the first LED light up toy which he patented, imported and distributed globally. He secured license deals from Disney, Universal Studios, and others while he built a retail national sales channel.

He was also co-founder and CEO of an app development company which created and published over 200 successful apps for both Apples iTunes store and the Google Play store. 

“Whatever you can Conceive, and whatever you Believe, you can Achieve.” -Napoleon Hill



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