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Drive Demand & Brand Loyalty With AR Right In Your Customers’ Hands​

Forward-thinking brands are engaging consumers in innovative ways to capture minds and market share. Don’t get out-marketed by your competition. Without requiring any specialized equipment, ARitize CPG lets you easily create interactive experiences with smart packaging for POS, online and in-home to increase confidence, encourage repeat buyers and reduce returns.

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Phone using ARitize CPG to scan QR code on top of bottle to view integrative hologram.
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Are you ready to give your customers an
outside-the-box experience?


How can ARitize CPG smart packaging benefit your brand?

Engage customers with interactive packaging

Imagine a hologram of your star spokesperson sharing valuable content, creating more reasons to view, click and remember your product.

Build loyal repeat customers

With episodic content, you can develop a unique communication channel with your customers for increased sales.

Improve brand awareness

Share notifications and product updates to keep customers activated and your brand top-of-mind.

Increase sales with direct path to purchase

Up-sell and cross-sell relevant products within the experience.

Stand apart from the competition

With only a handful of e-shops offering AR experiences, surpass your competitors.

Reduce the number of returns

Abundant, easy-to-access product information creates more confident buyers and reduces your costly return rate.

Experience it for yourself!

First QR code that links user to AR experience for ARitize CPG.

Second QR code that links user to AR experience for ARitize CPG.

Third QR code that links user to AR experience for ARitize CPG.

Learn more about ARitize CPG and smart packaging

Explore and understand how the newest innovation in product packaging can elevate your branding initiatives.

What is smart packaging?

AR is receiving significant traction in smart packaging, a category of packaging that leverages technology to provide enhanced functionality that goes beyond simply housing a product. With AR smart packaging, you’ll meet customer expectations, accelerate your brand’s ecommerce growth by connecting with consumers on a more personal level!

Phone with QR code that says 'Let us explain some more!' on the top of a bottle that shows hologram of woman in lab coat.

What are the advantages of Genie AR smart packaging?

ARitize CPG offers a continuous relationship with consumers through ‘episodic function,’ meaning one visual anchor triggers multiple AR experiences consecutively. This feature creates a new and innovative marketing channel, bringing brands to life! Keep customers engaged through how-to tutorials and helpful tips to increase product usage, along with raising brand awareness, cross-promoting, sharing exciting promotional offers, and more!

Man standing on QR code for a blender in front of a phone.

What are the use cases for “ARitize CPG” AR holograms?

ARitize CPG holograms can be used in a variety of cases. Brand ambassadors, product demonstrators, customer service agents, trainers, professors, musicians, chefs, mixologists, performers- the options are endless! It’s telepresence taken to a whole new level!

Three phones displaying holograms of people for different use cases for ARitize CPG.

Have more questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions.


  • What’s the difference between smart packaging, interactive packaging, and augmented reality packaging?

    These terms basically designate the same thing: a type of packaging that involves technology to achieve various purposes, ranging from customer interaction, engagement and product information to facilitated logistics or storage, to security or authentication. It can be implemented as a visual element, sticker, or a REID chip.

  • What are the requirements to produce an AR hologram on my packaging?

    Forget the expensive production costs or AR hardware! A phone on a tripod, proper lighting, and a green screen background are the minimum requirements to capture full-size footage of the subject delivering a message or demo. Then, Nextech AR Solutions applies its magic to transform the footage into a hologram along with 3D objects and visual effects and provides a unique text and QR code that can trigger the experience.

  • How do my customers launch ‘Genie in a Bottle’ AR hologram experience?

    Experiencing an AR hologram requires a compatible Android or iOS smartphone, an internet connection, a QR code scanner (usually the camera app), and of course, a QR code that a brand or institution has provided on their material. Simply download the Nextech ARitize app, scan the QR code and experience the hologram!

  • Can I use ‘Genie in a Bottle’ AR holograms in all points of sale?

    Yes! Genie in a Bottle offers a profitable, scalable alternative to expensive in-store displays or touch screens. All that’s needed is a printed QR code!

    Genie in a Bottle can also be used as a post-purchase experience to educate your consumers and demonstrate how to properly use the product. This experience can be continually updated through episodic content that your customer can follow along with, establishing a lasting relationship with your brand!

  • Can I use it only for packaging?

    Marketers can use this technology to “anchor” a hologram to virtually any physical object. It can be used with point of sales material, endcap displays, wobblers, coupons, window dressings, even retail flyers, and catalogs as long as a QR code can be scanned by a client from a basic smartphone.

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