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Recent Events and Interviews

Nextech3D.AI announces June 13th as spinout day for Toggle3D.ai

Nextech3D.ai CEO Evan Gappelberg joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has announced the propsed spinout of Toggle3D.ai is set for June 13th. The company will be listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange using the ticker “TGGL”

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Nextech3D.ai discusses record-breaking growth and AI-Generated 3D model deliveries for Q1

Nextech3D.AI CEO and Founder Evan Gappelberg joins Natalie Stoberman from the Proactive studios to share the company's record financial and operational results for Q1 2023.Gappelberg says NextTech3D.ai has experienced significant growth which saw a 550% year-over-year surge in its 3D modeling business. The company has also reported 40% sequential revenue growth from Q4 2020 to Q1 2023, while delivering 20,000 3D models to Amazon, their largest customer. Gappelberg says he attributes the...

Nextech3D.AI adds 2 million in growth capital cash from FinTech Ratio Tech

Nextech3D.AI CEO Evan Gappelberg joined Proactive to discuss the Company has added 2 million dollars in cash to the bottom line without share dilution by doing a deal with FinTech Ratio Tech and its 400 million dollar credit fund. Gappelberg told Proactive the 2 million in cash was paid against future invoices that the Company has contracts for but has not yet been paid. The company feels this new access to non-dilutive capital on these long-dated purchase orders will enhance Nextech3D.ai’s...

Nextech3D.ai continues to develop breakthrough generative AI

CEO Evan Gappelberg joined The Market Herald for an exclusive CEO Top Line Interview discussing Nextech3D.ai (CSE:NTAR) (OTC:NEXCF).Nextech3D.ai has inevitably grown into a diversified augmented reality, 3D modeling platform powered by artificial intelligence. The company has developed breakthrough generative AI to make 3D models at scale for the $5.5 trillion dollar ecommerce industry.

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Nextech3D.AI hits major milestone delivering over 20,000 3D models to Amazon

CEO Evan Gappelberg joined Proactive to discuss the Company achieved a major milestone producing over 20,000 thousand models with its preferred model supplier deal with Amazon. Nextech has scored a renewal contract with the largest department store in the United States for 5,000 3D models. Discussion are underway to increase that contract as well. 



Nextech3D.ai Signs 3D Modeling Expansion Contract With Vornado Air LLC To Bring 3D Models Onto The Prime Marketplace

CEO Evan Gappelberg joined Proactive to discuss the Company has signed a 3D modeling expansion contract with Vornado & will bring their 3D models onto the Amazon Prime marketplace through the 'early access' program. 



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