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Let’s work together, exploring bold new markets and emerging Augmented Reality (AR) opportunities for your business.


Types of partnerships

Partnering with Nextech is based on a collaborative model designed to help you grow your digital business with a focus on augmented reality. We deliver industry-best practices for developing sales, marketing, and services competencies, with the goal of partner self-sufficiency. We are actively seeking partners with deep experience in Augmented Reality, digital marketing, and event management.

Digital Experience - Partnerships

Digital Experience Partnerships

Partner with us to complement your offerings with virtual or hybrid tradeshows, conferences, and educational experiences.

Reseller and Referral - Partnerships

Reseller & Referral Partnerships

Market, sell, refer, and provide services for our digital experience platform and AR products to your customers.

As seen in

Forbes - PR

Tech Crunch - PR

Wired - PR

New York Times - PR

Entrepreneur - PR

Mashable - PR

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