Return on Experience (ROE) Through Hybrid Events - 3 Trends to Facilitate Personal Connections

Introduction Virtual or hybrid events are not a new concept, though prior to 2020 it was an option, not a requirement....

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School Fair Turned Virtual Event

The Black Student Fund/Latino Student Fund School Fair is a Washington, D.C. tradition dating back decades. In 2020, it...

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How This Large Company Got Everything on Their Wish List for Their Virtual Event

Upon EFI’s creation in 1996, Florida became the first state in the USA to place the principal responsibility for...

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How This Event Platform Made This Virtual Food Event Flourish with Augmented Reality

Canada’s leading foodservice and hospitality company held 4 action-packed days of virtual networking, leadership...

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Event Platform Smooths Transition for Business’s First Virtual Event

It all started centuries ago in 1545 with nothing more than a simple paper mill in the south of France.  SWM is a...

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Small Business Supporter Increases Attendee Engagement in Virtual Event

Meet BECMA, the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts. Their goal is to advance the economic well-being of Black...

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What Is 3D Modeling and How Does It Work?

3D models are more common than we may think. They appear across a multitude of different industries, from video games,...

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Marketing the Metaverse – 3 Ways Brands Can Promote their Content and Products in the New Digital Frontier

It’s Time To Update Your Marketing Playbook  Is your home worth 2.4 million? Odds are it isn’t, which can make it all...

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Getting Started with the Metaverse - FAQ

What is the Metaverse? It’s a virtual environment that interconnects the physical world to virtual worlds, the...

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How To Use Augmented Reality For a Record-Breaking Holiday Season

Last holiday season, we saw online sales skyrocket due to the global pandemic and social distancing measures. 2021...

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