Retailer Advisory: Google Ranks 3D Assets Higher

For several years, Nextech AR Solutions has worked with Google’s 3D/AR Search team to give customers access to one of...

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3D Product Models are a Snap with Easy and Simple BigCommerce App

Our ARitize 3D BigCommerce App stakes new ground as the AR industry’s first true self-service AR SaaS platform....

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Freemium 3D Model Creation for Shopify Sellers

Nextech AR Solutions’s 3D model-creation app for Shopify has given merchants around the world a smooth and simple way...

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How Augmented Reality Changes the Economics of Online Furniture Sales

Augmented reality transforms the customer purchasing journey from start to finish. It’s more likely to grab the...

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Augmented Reality: Everything You Need to Know

​How Augmented Reality Works AR (short for augmented reality) is a science fiction trope that thankfully turned out to...

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Augmented Reality for the Manufacturing Industry

Once a sci-fi trope, then used exclusively by gamers, augmented reality (AR) is no longer just a form of entertainment....

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Understanding How Augmented Reality Works Across Industries

Consumers have now downloaded nearly 5 billion augmented reality (AR) applications, a substantial jump from just 340...

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What Are The Different Types of Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is no longer science fiction—and it isn't just for gamers. Offering an interactive experience in...

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6 Major Developments in Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a core component of the extended reality (XR) industry. The booming market hit $28 billion in...

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Shopify Store Owner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Online 3D Product Customizer

Shopify product customizers are becoming more and more popular. But why? Here’s an example to illustrate why a 3D...

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