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Getting Started with the Metaverse - FAQ

What is the Metaverse? It’s a virtual environment that interconnects the physical world to virtual worlds, the...

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How To Use Augmented Reality For a Record-Breaking Holiday Season

Last holiday season, we saw online sales skyrocket due to the global pandemic and social distancing measures. 2021...

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Dancing Into the Future With Augmented Reality Human Holograms

Goh Ballet and Nextech AR Create Ballet Holograms to Improve Broader Access and Introduce New Ways to Learn Dance...

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Nextech AR Partners With Musician Ashley Suppa For AR Human Hologram Experience

Artists now have the opportunity to differentiate and personalize their brand through Augmented Reality - a...

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Turning 3D CAD Designs Into CGI Ready 3D Models Automatically

Here at Nextech AR, we are proud to announce that we have released our patent pending technology to create optimized 3D...

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How Augmented Reality Changes the Economics of Online Furniture Sales

Augmented reality transforms the customer purchasing journey from start to finish. It’s more likely to grab the...

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3 Tips To Build Interactive Communities With Hybrid Events

Making solid connections is a healthy challenge in the best of circumstances. It’s not as simple as having a brief...

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Shaping the Future of the New Economy: Live Now Asia Pacific

Emerging new technologies such as Augmented Reality or AI are paving the way for companies at the forefront of The New...

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Live Now 2021 FAQ - all you need to know about Nextech AR's Digital Experience Event

The Nextech AR Digital Experience Event “Live NOW”,  is approaching fast. This Tuesday, June 29th 2021, we invite you...

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Inspirational Men Share their Thoughts on Fatherhood

Happy Father's Day! To celebrate, Nextech AR Solutions had the wonderful opportunity to chat with a few fathers from a...

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