Nextech AR Solutions welcomes new Map D CEO Melea Guilbault

In September, Nextech AR Solution was pleased to welcome Melea Guilbault as CEO of Map D, a wholly-owned subsidiary...

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3D Model Making at the North Pole Delivers Holiday Dazzle

With the holiday season fast approaching, online retailers are scrambling to make the most of this special time of...

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New Toggle3D puts 3D modeling into the hands of its users as a do-it-yourself design studio

We are living in a golden age of product design and development. Not that there haven’t been amazing and wonderful...

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What Makes a Modern Trade Show?

The number one question that brings people to Map D is a deceptively simple one: what is a trade show?   Over the past...

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While eBay Makes Plans for 3D/AR, Nextech AR Solutions Delivers for All

In late July, VentureBeat reported on plans by eBay to make no-code/low-code 3D modeling tools available to sellers. As...

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Experiencing the Power of 3D and AR in the Palm of Your Hand

The power of 3D models and augmented reality (AR) is supercharging the world of ecommerce. It is being used by major...

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3D Models Become Popular with Home Goods and Sporting Goods Sellers

The multi-trillion dollar ecommerce industry is moving to Web 3.0 - and fast! Accelerating the adoption is the growing...

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Experience Shopify 3D model factory with ARitize 3D Configurator

In a move that further cements Nextech AR Solutions’ position as the leading integrated 3D/AR environment for Shopify...

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Create Human Holograms on Any Smartphone

When it comes to groundbreaking technology, few things can match the pure “gee-whiz” factor of holograms. Ever since...

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June 2022 Wall Street Reporter NEXT SUPER STOCK LIVE!

Nextech AR Solution’s CEO is Focused on What Matters: Innovation, Adaptation and Value On the June 2022 episode of Wall...

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