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BlankRevolutionize Your Designs with AI-Powered 3D Models: Discover the Future of Creation

AI creates human-like tasks and 3D models, enabling informed decisions and improving operations across industries like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. It's changing our world with efficiency, intelligence, and innovation.

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Immersion Means More Sales

What is most important, of course, are the actions of online shoppers, and on that front, the results are in: according to eMarketer, global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $5.7 trillion in 2022, accounting for nearly 20 percent of all retail sales. Moreover, our own research has found that 3D/AR-enabled experiences - which are at the core of immersive shopping - deliver tremendous value:  


higher conversion rates


higher click-through-rates


of e-commerce consumers prefer shopping in AR


reduction in returns

Create Immersive AR Experiences with AI Art Generator



Our AI Art Generator leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to produce stunning 3D Augmented Reality product experiences that are sure to impress customers.

Exploring Immersive AI Commerce with Nextech3D.ai

This powerful idea is being adopted by industry leaders as they vie to deliver the greatest and most impactful customer experience. We’ll parse out what immersive AI commerce is all about, how it works, its impact, and how products, technology, and services from Nextech3D.ai is the perfect solution for online sellers of every kind. 


means a total product experience. Powered by augmented reality or virtual reality, an immersive experience draws the customer closer and closer to you and your product.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

means deep machine learning and quantitative intelligence are at work, with advanced predictive algorithms used to improve every aspect of the experience.


is the natural result of these systems. By providing an immersive and intelligent experience, the natural customer response will be to make a purchase.

Models Mean Immersion

Nextech3D.ai’s technology has generated 3D models for hundreds of businesses - including those on many of the planet’s biggest online marketplaces. It makes it possible for sellers of any size to reach customers in engaging and immersive ways by turning 2D product images or CAD files into high-quality, configurable 3D models and augmented reality content. That’s important.  


AI Makes Immersion Intelligent 

Consumers want the thrills and excitement of the real world to appear on their device screens magically. As Arthur C. Clarke noted in 1962, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” and that is where we find ourselves today. Artificial intelligence is making it possible to meet desires people don’t even know they have. It’s almost as if this technology gives people a window into a wonderful world, where all the products they want, in all the colors they can imagine, and each perfectly suited to their taste and spaces are there for the asking. 

Immersive AI Commerce Solutions

That is the promise of immersive AI commerce, and Nextech3D.ai offers 3D/AR technologies that meet this market need.  Individually or in combination, these products have the power and accessibility required to bring immersive commerce to every seller who chooses to follow this wise path. They encompass the most affordable, scalable, frictionless, AI-powered, end-to-end model creation platform for immersive commerce content. 


The easiest way for shoppers to change colors, parts, and materials, all in engaging 3D. Customers want personalization, and the numbers bear this out. People are willing to pay up to 20 percent more to customize a product and make it their own. Customization also increases online conversion rates by 250 percent.  


ARitize Decorator 

Brings spaces to life, allowing customers to design the room of their dreams with true-to-scale 3D models. Customers simply upload a photograph of the space they are shopping for, select which of your products they are interested in, and instantly see their improved spaces leap to life on their screens. 


Toggle3D Design Studio 

Turn any browser into a full-featured 3D Design Studio, allowing anyone to be a 3D artist. There are no apps to download, no software to install, no costly hardware upgrades, or steep learning curve required.  Using existing CAD files or 2D images, Toggle3D Design Studio creates 3D visualizations directly in a browser. 

Toggle 3D - Templates

Key Questions for Online Commerce Leaders

  • What is AI in commerce?

    Simply put, AI makes shopping smarter. The powerful recommendation engines used by everyone from Amazon, Netflix, and Wayfair were mere playthings when compared with modern AI systems. They can make excellent recommendations and group products in exciting ways, instantly apply customer preferences, place products in a customer context, and simply make the entire process more engaging. 

  • How is AI changing online commerce?

    AI is making online commerce faster, smarter, more efficient, more immersive, and more effective. AI can take in stupendous volumes of data and shape it into meaningful information that can be used to improve the customer experience and online selling process. Gone are the days of guessing what might interest customers; AI knows. 

  • Why is AI the future of online shopping?

    Deep artificial intelligence and immersive experiences are changing every aspect of life. Personalization and bespoke experiences are the new normal, and online shopping is no exception. To ignore the impact and potential of AI is to risk being left behind. Assuming existing systems and technologies will meet customer expectations in the future is a mistake.

  • What are the benefits of immersive AI commerce?

    It’s not just about better predictions or product suggestions. AI has the potential to understand not only the online shopper’s desires but also the ability to make product modifications in real time, right before the customer’s eyes. Those smart signals change everything, and every one of them can help enhance the customer experience. 

  • How is AI being applied in online shopping?

    AI is making immersive commerce a reality today. New product images, new product descriptions, and new product experiences are all happening now, thanks to AI. When this intelligence is coupled with amazing models that “appear” in the real world, a new level of product experience becomes possible. It’s happening now, and it is amazing to see (and to sell!).

  • What are the advantages of AI in e-commerce?

    The proceeding article has spelled out the impact of immersive commerce. From more sales to lower returns to higher customer satisfaction. The more interesting question is, why not deeply immersive commerce powered by AI and delivered through high-quality 3D images in amazing environments and experiences?

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