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Your All-in-One Solution To Boost Sales With AR​

Turn your existing 2D product images or CAD files into exciting, high-quality 3D and AR content. Make it easy for your shoppers to change colors, parts and materials all in engaging real-time 3D. 

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Bring your products to life with our ARitize 3D Configurator


The power of personalization

Over the last few months, research has shown that people are willing to pay up to 20% more for customization to truly make the product their own.

Shorten the sales cycle

Overcome inventory wait times and increase the speed to market by showcasing all your product variations online.

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Sell More with Happier Customers

Increase your online conversion rate by 250% and decrease returns with dynamic 3D/AR, leaving your customers happier with their personalized product. 

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Inspire customization in 3 simple steps

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Sporting Goods



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How ARitize 3D can boost your business

Decrease Returns


40% decrease in returns

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94% higher click-through-rates

Boost conversions


250% boost in conversions

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61% eCommerce consumers prefer shopping in AR


Have questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions.

  • What is ARitize 3D?

    ARitize 3D’s patent-pending technology leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the building of quality 3D models from simple 2D photos at scale for ecommerce websites.

    We are a disruptive end-to-end solution for the Augmented Reality (“AR”) industry. Through a simple JavaScript tag integration, product photos are automatically onboarded, and 3D models are created for each product and then hosted on ARitize 3D’s cloud.

    3D visualizations are served to client properties using web AR/3D, all within a single integrated platform. Using’s proprietary AI and computer vision innovations, the production of 3D models can be scaled to thousands per week.*

  • What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

    AR stands for Augmented Reality – a technology that overlays virtual 2D or 3D assets over what we see in the real world.  AR is experienced using mobile phones, head-mounted displays, or glasses. 

  • What is Web AR?

    Web AR involves overlaying virtual 3D assets over physical reality using a standard web browser (doesn’t require native apps). This format is ideal for enabling eCommerce sites to offer enhanced product visualization to their clients thereby increasing engagement, add-to-carts, and reducing returns. 

  • How does 2D to 3D work?

    To turn 2D images into AR products, our technology will ingest your product photos through a product feed or image scrape from your site to create the 3D models. You then inspect and approve the models on our platform.

  • What are the benefits of Augmented Reality on an ecommerce website?

    Augmented Reality empowers your customers to visualize products in their space before buying. They can pinch, zoom, rotate and see all of the details of a product from all angles, bridging the gap between in-person and online shopping.

    It's an exciting, immersive shopping experience that keeps customers more engaged, better informed and helps your brand to stand out from the competition. Data shows that AR can increase conversions up to 250% while reducing returns by 40%.

  • How expensive is the conversion from 2D to 3D and AR models?

    With our low monthly hosting fee and zero creation costs, our pricing plans are much more affordable than purchasing expensive equipment or hiring artists for individual models.

  • How long does the conversion from 2D to 3D and AR take?

    The conversion only usually takes a few minutes for each product. It can be published on your website in no time! 

  • I have hundreds of products on my site – how do I turn them all into 3D and AR models?

    Before the ARitize 3D innovative model, asset creation was usually a bottleneck as it used to require 3D artists to build models from photos and files with costs being around a few hundred dollars. With ARitize 3D, we create high-quality 3D and AR content at a high turnaround rate for 1000+ products as fast as 1 week. *

  • What is an Augmented Reality ad?

    An AR ad is an advertising banner containing an interactive 3D product. These banner ads can be used with programmatic DSPs for prospecting and re-marketing. From a mobile phone, customers can click on the ad to see the product in their space, making for a highly effective, memorable ad experience.

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