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Augmented Reality Solutions

Immersive experiences that connect people

Augmented Reality Experiences

Augmented Reality Experiences

Engage with your communities and audiences with AR product visualization, Human Holograms, and 360° portals that take you to another world. 

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Augmented Reality eCommerce and Advertising

Augmented Reality eCommerce & Advertising

Grab your clients' attention with distinctive 3D/AR banners and increase conversions with web-based, app-free AR product visuals for your online Shop.

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Hybrid and Virtual Events Solutions

Hybrid and Virtual

Create experiences that connect people, with our unique approach to design, sponsorship and production. 

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Education Solutions


Immerse your students in virtual classes and labs, bring them together through events that mark a lifetime.

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At Nextech AR solutions we are a team of passionate innovators, pioneering immersive technologies empowering people to achieve a better future.

Hear it from our thrilled customers:

“Because Nextech AR Solutions is a virtual platform, it allowed us to cover the whole state, compared to our previous in-person events where we faced the issue of leaving members out based on our location. Location has always been a barrier for members who do not live nearby. Nextech AR Solutions removed that barrier

Segun Idowu
Executive Director


“At Ryerson, we took the bold step of re-imagining a virtual lab. With inputs from staff, students and faculty we designed and developed a completely collaborative environment that ensures an immersive and fun learning experience for our students. The incorporation of augmented reality into the STEM learning environment will change pedagogy forever.”

- Dr. David Cramb,
Dean of the Faculty of Science,
Ryerson University




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Thousand Successful Event Exhibitors

Virtual Events

Million+ Event Attendees

The virtual booths are spectacular. We are delighted to have a strong partnership with the NextechAR team to help us bridge the gap between on-ground & virtual events.
Ezzeldin Delawar
Commercial Manager, Skybridge
From our website to your backyard, there is no better way to appreciate all the ways you can use a Mr. Steak BBQ than first experiencing it in AR.
Mick Scully
Founder (Mr. Steak)
With this technology, it gives our customers as close to a “retail” experience as they can get without being in a store
Mark Hedman

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3D-AR Shopping - Turbo Boost Online Conversions with ARitize for eCommerce

Ecommerce Unlimited

Increase customer engagement eCommerce revenue and reduce returns by turning more shoppers into buyers. Better promote your products with our 3D/AR ads. Increase customer interaction and add to cart rates with 3D Web AR versions of your products. 

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Augmented Learning Platform

Engage students remotely with visual training in an augmented reality environment for a hands-on application of course material. 

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Hybrid and Virtual Events

Bring people, businesses, and organizations together in unique experiences that create value and out-of-your-chair experiences. A unique ecosystem where event managers, partners, sponsors, and attendees can network and explore limitless opportunities.

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