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Nextech AR Solutions

A Metaverse Company

We boost your business with solutions such as: WebAR, 3D Ad Network, AR Smart Packaging, Human Holograms, 3D Product Visualizations, AR Portals, and much more!

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Nextech AR Solutions boost your products with the metaverse.

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End-to-end Augmented Reality solutions for everyone

Engage customers on any channel, any time.


Watch how Nextech AR Solutions is creating end-to-end augmented reality solutions.

AR solutions we offer to help you stand out

From ecommerce to industrial manufacturing, Augmented Reality is already becoming an indispensable component of every day life. What we're seeing is just the beginning.

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Getting Started with the Metaverse

Unlock your Metaverse with Nextech AR Solutions. The Nextech AR stack allows for end-to-end solutions that will enable your participation in metaverse landscape today and in future.
Smart Packing lets you record AR Holograms to add to your products.

AR Human Holograms & Smart Packaging

Human holograms are 2D videos of a person, recorded with a green screen which can be placed in a physical or digital space and viewed through a Nextech AR mobile app.

3D Augmented Reality for your products to let people view the items in their space.

Web AR and AR Products

Turn your physical products into 3D augmented reality models and view them from our app by simply scanning a QR code. They're ideal for product launches and demonstrations, product training, entertainment, etc.

See the possibilities with AR display advertising.

AR Display Advertising

Online advertising banners can now embark the WebAR product. Viewers can pinch, zoom, rotate the product within the ad unit. Nextech AR solutions offer a full-featured ad platform and can manage your campaign as needed.

360° walkthrough of a church using AR Portals.

360° AR Portals

A gateway to 360-degree virtual rooms. Users can walk into a door frame into a virtual environment. They can be used for virtual visits with 360 VR videos, factory tours, museums & art galleries, stores.

Ryerson classroom lab demonstration using AR.

AR Labs

Take your students on an exciting and engaging learning journey beyond traditional classrooms with immersive augmented learning labs.


Featured Nextech AR products


ARitize 3D logo.

With our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform, we turn your existing 2D product images into exciting and high-quality 3D and Augmented Reality content at a speed, cost, and ease that simply can't be matched.

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ARitize Ads logo.

Reach your audiences through our innovative 3D/Augmented Reality ad solutions, exceed your marketing ROI using our ARitize Ads service.

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ARitize CPG logo.

ARitize CPG is an Augmented Reality hologram experience triggered by a visual anchor such as a QR code placed on product packaging, in-store aisles or endcap displays.

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ARitize Events logo.

Keep your audiences engaged with stunning Holograms, AR product show cases, 3D product visualizations and Augmented Reality experiences with our ARitize Events platform.

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MapD logo.

Use Map D to easily create your next virtual, in-person, or hybrid event using a rich set of online tools paired with dedicated guidance and support.

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ARitize University logo.

Take your students on an exciting and engaging learning journey beyond traditional classrooms with immersive augmented learning labs.

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Try it for yourself!

Hermès Handbag


Stella 3 Seater Sofa


Why should you choose Nextech to add AR Solutions to your business?

It’s fast

Get thousands of 3D products on your site in just a few hours or days.

It’s easy

We use a few of your product images and our AI turns them into high-quality 3D visuals that customers can place in their room before buying.

You’re in control

Review, approve and push 3D models live on your product pages.

It’s affordable

Pay a minimal monthly fee for your SKUs. Enjoy the results.

It’s scalable

Pick a plan based on the number of product skus that you need and let our AI-powered technology turn your images into 3D visuals.

It drives results

Use our analytics dashboard to track and measure increased product engagement, interaction and new revenue — in real-time.

Our AR solutions in the numbers


94% higher conversion rates for AR-enabled products


71% of consumers would shop more frequently if using AR


61% of consumers prefer retailers that offer AR


Power up your online business with our AR solutions



Nextech AR provides you with a powerful end-to-end augmented reality platform designed specifically to increase online sales. Start with easy and scalable 3D model creation, grow with 3D advertising banners.

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Phone app allowing user to place object in AR.

App demonstrates placing winter gear in the home including multiple ad sizes for the winter gear products.

Ads & Marketing

Reach your audiences through our innovative 3D/Augmented Reality Ad solutions and private marketplaces, exceed your marketing ROI through Nextech AR 3D Ad Network.

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Event Solutions

Keep your audiences engaged with stunning virtual conferences, trade shows, meetings and Augmented Reality experiences with our Virtual Events platform.

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Demonstration of a trade show event solution displayed on mobile and desktop.


Educational learning experience being shown on mobile with the ability to manipulate AR object.


Take your students on an exciting and engaging learning journey beyond traditional classrooms with immersive augmented learning labs.

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What our customers are saying about us

We deliver out-of-your-seat experiences for your audiences across the globe.

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