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AR Industry Solutions

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Augmented Reality For Everyone

Portals   |   eCommerce Products   |   WebAR   |   Human Holograms   |   3D Ad Network   |   Smart Packaging

Augmented Reality
Ad Network

Take ad campaigns to the next level with our full-featured ad platform. Utilize online advertising banners embedded with Web AR products.

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94% higher conversion rates for AR-enabled products

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Augmented Reality
eCommerce Products

Engage, convert and drive your bottom line. Nextech AR provides you with a powerful end-to-end augmented reality platform designed specifically to increase online sales.

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71% of consumers would shop more frequently if using AR

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Augmented Reality
Human Holograms

Real time, realistic recordings of a person that can be placed in a physical or digital space and viewed via Nextech AR apps.

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61% of consumers prefer retailers that offer AR

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Augmented Reality

Place an AR Portal in a physical space to walk through it and enter a 360-degree virtual environment.

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Digital Experience Platform

Hybrid Events   |   Trade Shows   |   Conferences   |   Marketplaces

Trade Show

Create larger-than-life Trade Shows with branded event platforms, exhibit halls, and booths. A seamless experience combined with 24/7 global support, lead generation reporting your trade show can be a truly global experience. 

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With the option of TV-Grade webcast production and interactive sessions with live moderated Q&A this branded event platform creates a user-friendly, frictionless experience for your attendees.

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The On-Demand Digital Marketplace enhances the B2B sales experience for buyers and sellers by providing a digital ecosystem filled with chances for engagement and exposure.  Digitally transform your organization and establish new online relationships with opportunities to help your product gain visibility with a targeted audience.

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