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How Augmented Reality Changes the Economics of Online Furniture Sales

By Nextech on Jul 22, 2021 3:32:47 PM

Augmented reality transforms the customer purchasing journey from start to finish. It’s more likely to grab the attention of prospective customers and drive larger amounts of traffic, as the ability to place and play with a product in any environment is bound to grab attention. Brands and businesses can now use their usual digital display advertising channels with game-changing banners that can display fully interactive, 3D versions of the products advertised. This has proved to increase click-through-rates by 32% and conversions rates by 300% in our test re-marketing campaign.  

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3 Tips To Build Interactive Communities With Hybrid Events

By Nextech on Jul 9, 2021 12:37:55 PM

Making solid connections is a healthy challenge in the best of circumstances. It’s not as simple as having a brief conversation while queuing up for coffee during a break. Building successful personal connections is an ongoing strategy where businesses and individuals look to secure leads, convert prospects, boost confidence, expand relationships and advance our interests through education and networking. 

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Shaping the Future of the New Economy: Live Now Asia Pacific

By Nextech on Jun 28, 2021 1:26:08 PM

Emerging new technologies such as Augmented Reality or AI are paving the way for companies at the forefront of The New Economy. There’s no returning to life before COVID; the post-pandemic reality will be built upon amplifying what we’ve learnt in the past 18 months. Face-to-face events are now hybrid events - the best of two worlds. Online shopping, thanks to 3D interactive product models and AR banner ads, is now bringing the in-store shopping experience to the consumers at the comfort of their own homes. Immersive learning and human holograms are forever altering the way we consume content and learn. 

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Live Now 2021 FAQ - all you need to know about Nextech AR's Digital Experience Event

By Nextech on Jun 25, 2021 2:32:40 PM

The Nextech AR Digital Experience Event “Live NOW”,  is approaching fast. This Tuesday, June 29th 2021, we invite you to join us as we reveal the Nextech AR LiveX platform and explore how Augmented Reality is transforming the way we live, shop, work, learn and play!

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Inspirational Men Share their Thoughts on Fatherhood

By Nextech on Jun 20, 2021 4:39:35 PM

Happy Father's Day! To celebrate, Nextech AR Solutions had the wonderful opportunity to chat with a few fathers from a diverse set of industries. Here is their personal take on fatherhood:

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Top Tips to Reopening a New Economy Through Hybrid Events

By Nextech on Jun 17, 2021 12:03:06 PM

While the world is carefully starting to open, it isn’t likely to return to the pre-shuttered lockdown that was 2020. The past eighteen months helped us realize how much can be achieved by combining the digital and live; and the best part is, we’re only getting started. 

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4 Ways Augmented Reality Increases Event Traffic and Leads

By Nextech on Jun 11, 2021 3:37:47 PM

Regardless of whether we’re talking in-person or virtual, the key event goals remain the same: attendance and qualified leads. One work without the other, so how can you attract both? 

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Ericsson selects Nextech AR into the exclusive Ericsson Startup 5G program & network

By Nextech on Jun 3, 2021 11:04:53 AM

Augmented Reality is big but 5G will make it huge. With unprecedented speed & connectivity, 5G is set to bring faster speeds, hyper-capacity, new viewing options like 8K resolution streaming, 360-degree and 3D experiences. What does it mean for the consumer? Life-like image quality and user-friendly AR experiences wherever they go. But 5G doesn’t just transform mobile Augmented Reality - using AR wearables will become even more compelling now as haptic feedback will be delivered seamlessly along with the visuals, adding another dimension to the experience.

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Mental Health Awareness Month: Perspectives told by Nextech AR

By Nextech on May 31, 2021 3:55:25 PM

As May wraps up, the employees of Nextech AR Solutions wanted to share their perspectives on mental health awareness month to provide a reminder that mental health is essential to one's overall health and wellbeing. 

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Augmented Reality Is Shaking Up Product Packaging

By Nextech on May 25, 2021 9:29:56 AM

The search for the ultimate customer experience is over: make room (loads of room!) for Augmented Reality. According to research from Forbes Insight and Arm Treasure Data, consumers today are looking for authentic and relevant customers experiences. AR is surfacing as the dominant experience technology that’ll empower e-commerce and brands to drive conversions. Case in point, the recent Snap & Deloitte Digital AR Consumer global report highlights that brands offering Augmented Reality experiences are 41% more likely to be considered and can expect a 94% increase in their conversion rates as a result.