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In a move that further cements Nextech AR Solutions’ position as the leading integrated 3D/AR environment for Shopify merchants, the company’s ARitize Configurator technology is now fully-integrated into the ARitize 3D app in Shopify.  

This integration provides Shopify merchants with a powerful one-stop solution for 3D model making and product configuration. The upgrade to the ARitize 3D app makes the adoption of the highest-quality AI-powered 3D modeling and configuration technology fast, simple, and affordable for Shopify merchants.  

ARitize 3D Configurator is arguably the most advanced configuration product on the market today. Now, as an integrated element of the award-winning ARitize 3D app, buyers, sellers, and sales reps can customize and preview high-quality 3D images of products they wish to sell or purchase. Customers have the ability to interchange colors, parts, materials and textures in real-time 3D to suit their personal preferences.


Using the augmented reality feature of the app, customers can place a fully-customized, high-quality 3D model of a product - in their home, office, garage, or wherever they desire. Giving customers the power to view a customized product from every angle and in every position leads to better purchasing decisions, greater buyer confidence, and lower return rates. In fact, according to Shopify’s own research, this type of exciting, immersive shopping experience leads to a 94% increase in conversions and a 40% drop in returns 

Shopify sellers that want to stay ahead of the competition have been downloading and deploying ARitize 3D. Now, with the power of Configurator available at their fingertips, smart merchants will be able to do even more to engage and entice their customers. 


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Written by Nextech3D.ai