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Hologram Creation

Nextech AR’s Hologram Creation app. As simple as taking a selfie, all you need is your smartphone to create your hologram. Enter the metaverse today!

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ARitize Holograms: Create anywhere, beam everywhere


ARitize™ yourself in 3 simple steps



Fast! Create your hologram
in minutes.
No green screen required!



Easy! Share your holograms using a QR code, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram!



Magic! Beam holograms anywhere.

See it for yourself!




Let holograms work for you


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Have Questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions.



  • What is ARitize Holograms?

    ARitize Holograms lets you CREATE, SHARE and VIEW holograms on your smartphone device. It is as easy as creating a video. 

    CREATE: Record holograms anywhere with just your smartphone device. Our machine learning solution will take care of processing it in just a few minutes. 

    VIEW: Share your holograms with friends using a QR code or across other social platforms such as TikTok, Twitter and Instagram! 

    SHARE: View holograms in any place: your home, an office, a conference hall or outdoors! And even better, anyone, anywhere can beam you as a hologram, wherever they are! 

  • What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

    AR stands for Augmented Reality – a technology that overlays virtual 2D or 3D assets over what we see in the real world.  AR is experienced using mobile phones, head-mounted displays or glasses. 

  • How to get started with ARitize Holograms

    Step 1: Download the app  

    To download the ARitize Holograms app on your iPhone, visit the App Store (Link) 

    Step 2: Access holograms 

    View holograms by entering a username or clicking on featured experiences on the explore page. 

  • How to create holograms in ARitize Holograms

    1. Start creating holograms by tapping on the “Create Hologram” button on your profile.

    2. Place your phone on a tripod or stable surface and make sure to be wearing wireless headphones.

    3. Step out of the background to allow the camera to capture a background image.

    4. Walk back into the frame where you can see your full body in the camera and record your hologram.

    5. Trim your recording and submit for processing.

    6. Once your hologram has processed, it will appear on your profile where you can add a title, description and then publish!

    View this video for a detailed tutorial on how to create a hologram.

  • How to view holograms in ARitize Holograms

    1. Open the ARitize Holograms app on your device. 

    2. Select a hologram to view. 

    3. Scan your floor using the front-facing camera on your device. 

    4. Follow the arrows with your device to view the hologram. 

    5. Tap to take a photo or press and hold to record. 

  • How to delete an ARitize Holograms account

    Please email with your username and email. We will verify your email and process your request. 

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ARitize Holograms is the first app on the market that lets you CREATE, SHARE and VIEW holograms on your smartphone.


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