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As the world continues to adapt to the new normal, consumers are now doing much of their shopping online rather than in-person. In March 2020, online retail categories saw as much as a 74% uptick in sales when compared to March 2018.

Manufacturers and other business solution providers are encouraging their employees to work from home, and sales reps are switching to digital formats to educate their audiences. In the age of social distancing, both B2C and B2B businesses need new ways to engage customers who they would normally be able to sell to in-person.

As a result, there has never been a better time to embrace augmented reality (AR) as a marketing and sales tool. If you’re only familiar with AR as a novelty, you may be surprised about what this technology could mean for your business during periods of global disruption like the one we’re living in now.

Place Virtual Products in Your Customer’s Hands

Today’s AR solutions can place products in the palm of your customer’s hand, no matter where they are. You can use 3D web augmented reality to create compelling shopping experiences right on your customer’s mobile phone. They can view products like clothing and appliances from any angle they’d like without having to install any new software — they can even see how large objects like couches and coffee tables might look in their homes before they buy.

Even if your customers can’t physically go to your store, they don’t have to sacrifice experiencing your products firsthand. And they don’t need any special equipment to do it. When AR is built into your eCommerce site, it brings your products to life as your customers shop online.

Keep the Market Excited With Virtual Events

By combining a full-featured virtual event platform, like InfernoAR with augmented reality holograms, brands can create new interactions and experiences. You might want to introduce a new product to the market with a world-class keynote, train your resellers and sales representatives remotely, or set-up a private sale for your early or loyal customers. It's all possible through a virtual event that places your product holograms in the hands of your key audience. 

Virtual Events can be anything from a virtual presentation, a virtual conference, a virtual trade show, a panel or a classroom. You can even include interactive video sessions enhanced with chat, exclusive coupon codes, augmented reality objects, and downloadable resources. 

Provide Customers with Their Own Holographic Personal Shopper

If your customers require more information about your products and services, or if they need help making a selection, you can use AR to provide them with a human hologram right in their living room. The hologram can provide a presentation about your services or explain the intricacies of your products in a conversational way.

Most importantly, a holographic personal shopper can enhance the online experience, so the customer can feel like they are interacting with your brand rather than just making an online purchase. Whether your company sells to consumers or other businesses, this sales tool is ideal for creating engaging virtual interactions with your brand.

Bring a Miniature Store into Your Customer’s Home

You can take the in-store shopping experience even further by creating a miniature virtual store, which customers can project into their own homes. Your customers can move throughout the virtual store by moving throughout their environment with their smartphones.

If you sell to other businesses, you can create a virtual tradeshow or exhibition booth complete with 3D products, a holographic brand ambassador, and dynamic features like holographic computer screens and terminals. This solution is perfect for companies that have had to cancel or postpone tradeshows, product demonstrations, or other important in-person sales meetings.

Deliver Product Training to Your Audiences Without a Sales Rep

Normally, brands and product manufacturers could deliver product training to their audiences by sending a sales representative with a physical sample. Due to social distancing measures, most product training sessions have been moved online. But you don’t need to relegate your training session to online video chat.

With a Virtual training platform and an AR solution, you can deliver your live training and project either a holographic sales representative and/or your product right into your clients’ or sales representatives homes. All they need is a smartphone.

You can easily set-up and market a live meeting, ask you audience to download the ARitize app in advance, and once they join your session, they can simply scan a QR code and see your product in their living room!

For example, a medical brand that builds complex medical devices may need to provide a training and certification program to its customers using a sales representative or technician. Using an AR hologram, the brand can deliver a 3D digital sample of the medical device to customers, along with a holographic teacher to show them how the device works.

Harness the Power of AR and Virtual Events During Social Distancing

Whether you’re a retail seller who needs to reach consumers or a B2B trying to sell your products and services online, you don’t have to let social distancing get in the way of your goals. Using a 3D web augmented reality solution, you can engage your customers anytime, anywhere.

NexTech AR Solutions can help you enhance the online customer experience. Contact us today to chat or to book a demo.


Written by Nextech3D.ai