Your Virtual Events & Webinars Platform

Explore our InfernoAR Platform and keep your audiences engaged with stunning virtual conferences, trade shows, meetings and product demos.

Plan your virtual event


Virtual Conferences

Host your conferences, corporate and networking events, with world-class production and robust interactive features.


Virtual Trade Shows

Set-up your best event ever with virtual booths, registration, keynotes and product demos just like you would in real life.


Virtual Product Tours

Product demos just got better with Augmented Reality. Enable each attendee to interact with your product in a memorable way.


Virtual Education

Elevate your audience’s knowledge and skills, with virtual labs, courses, quizzes, rewards and one-of-a-kind AR features.


Webcasts and Webinars

Reach thousands with scalable state-of-the-art video streaming, in a public or private ecosystem.


Panels from Home

Recorded Meetings and panels can be streamed and replayed on demand.


Live Events


Certificates Delivered

Registered Guests

Million+ Viewers

Virtual conferencing made easy

  • Thanks to our robust webcast solutions, powered by InfernoAR, it’s never been so easy to broadcast your latest innovations to your investors, team members, or fans

  • Apply your branding to our online events environment, create excitement and measure attendance and success.

  • Gasify your video experiences and other live events in one simple interface that covers all of your work-from-home, corporate meetings, school classes and lectures, product demonstrations, and trade show needs.

  • Use the Inferno AI and real-time subtitles in 60+ languages

Inferno   Videos Portal

Integration to Standard Collaboration tools

Extend the value of your Zoom, Google meet, Webex or Microsoft Teams meetings out to 100,000 people concurrently with Q&A on the Inferno Platform.

Users can also launch a zoom meeting from within the platform, upload a recorded zoom meeting and make it searchable with closed captioning on 64 languages.

Inferno integration

Online Trade Shows, as if you were there

  • Everything you need in a single point solution: Interface customization, Planning and Pre-Event Registrations, Keynotes and speakers’ schedule

  • Stream your high-quality videos in real-time to thousands of users, with unique interactive features like panels, instant messaging, augmented reality product demos.

  • Ensure constant updates and continuing education


Next Level Product demos

With a 3D hologram, it feels just like having a product sample at your fingertips: as a presenter, you can just rotate, pinch and zoom to introduce your latest innovation to your stakeholders, investors, sales teams. And your attendees can do just the same in the comfort of their home, by casting 3D holograms into their environment.

Enhance your video or live event with Augmented Reality


Training for all

Solve the problem of engagement and cost, for enterprises that use video for training, corporate communications, and marketing. Designed from the ground up to make live or on-demand video easy. Inferno just works. No downtime, no confusing configurations, every device, every time.

And to keep remote audiences engaged and ensure training is meaningful, use instream quizzes and certifications.



Why holograms work... it's in the data

















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