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How To Switch To Virtual Events?

By Nextech3D.ai on Mar 25, 2020 3:59:53 PM

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How to Switch to Virtual Events

Not one industry could have anticipated the disruption that COVID-19 currently presents; It is reasonable to assume that sooner or later an event of some kind would present an obstacle to any professional industry. This disruption challenges professionals to rethink how information is shared and conveyed to current and future learners and clients. Various platforms for engagement include events, conferences, trade shows, and training, but how do we cater to an audience who cannot all connect in one geographic region? 

Let us introduce you to Nextech AR’s Virtual Events Platform!

A Holographic Virtual Events Platform offers a scalable approach to your live events. When companies have certainly chosen their platforms to work and collaborate remotely in small teams (like Zoom, Hangouts or Teams), at some point they need a more robust solution to reach out to their broader audience or stakeholder network, and make sure that, if there is a world health pandemic and the city is on lockdown, the show will still go on. 

From the comfort of your own home or a remote location, Virtual Events have the capability for business owners to pivot the way their message and products are showcased and face any economic challenge. COVID-19 is just one example demonstrating that industry professionals need to reimagine the practicality of their in-person, live events.

Think of all the people working, learning, shopping from home: Virtual Events and Augmented Reality help reducing distances while creating amazing group and product experiences.

What’s a Virtual Event? 

A Virtual Event is a remote collaboration between two or more parties. An event is classified as something happening at a predetermined time and place; Practically speaking, any pre-set gathering could be classified as an event. With different types of events, such as conferences, tradeshows, training, and conventions, there are endless possibilities to implement interactive components like Quizzes, Q&As and Holographic AR objects to further engage a broader audience, in the most memorable way.

Any event in the InfernoAR platform can be compared to a small, discreet object, similar to a Lego block. Each event is an individual block that has the ability to be connected together to for a Set of Events. This can be easily setup, populated, and delivered to your attendees. A Set of Events can be displayed in many forms: A simple sales meeting, training course, or customer support session. Or, it can be a multi-day conference, trade show, or exhibition with multiple vendors.

Virtual Events allow for continuous engagement from potential clients while you are delivering your live content. It all starts with a simple, single event; A gathering between people. Whether it’s one on one; one to a few or many, or even many to many, an event is the common denominator. In today’s new normal, a modern event is now virtual, holographic enabled.

What’s a Virtual Tradeshow? 

A tradeshow is an exhibition for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their latest offerings to their target audience. Large trade shows may also incorporate some of the learning opportunities of a conference, including speakers, group activities, and beyond. Many of the educational elements at a trade show are likely to be hosted by sponsors who are already vending at the exhibition or serve the industry in focus. In most cases, you can think of them as educational infomercials. 

However, a virtual trade show simplifies all this – including the people involved, cost to run, marketing materials, and products needed. Virtual trade shows market products in a virtual booth: Imagine thousands of attendees passing by your booth to learn about your product, that can access it right off their phone from scanning a QR code. While you are presenting, any passerby can pinch, rotate, zoom, cast your products and explore them from all angles. 

What are the Benefits of Virtual Events?

Virtual Events allow for a broader reach, both internally and externally. By just eliminating travel expenses and in person marketing material such as samples, your event can already be reduced to a fraction of the cost. 

What is a Virtual Conference?

Whereas a trade show centers upon vendors and the opportunity to explore new product offerings, a conference hinges upon the exchange of information. This can come in many different forms, but generally the purpose is education. For example, user conferences are hosted by large service providers to inform users, academic conferences bring together leading experts in a particular field of study, and industry-specific conferences invite attendees to learn and better themselves professionally. 

Now, a virtual conference is an innovative and educational approach to bring your learners together, whether it be in a remote or shared space. This increases engagement and interactivity, enabling your attendees to put their knowledge to the test.

How Augmented Reality can Enhance your Events?

Augmented Reality objects allow for continuous engagement from potential clients while you are delivering your live content. Integrating Holographic AR in your events will become the new norm. With different types of events, such as conferences, trade shows, training, and conventions, there are endless creative possibilities to implement AR components to further engage a broader audience and increase interactivity. Learn more on Augmented Reality

How to Keep Your Audience Engaged in a Virtual Meeting? 

There are endless possibilities for potential client engagement by implementing an AR component within your virtual event, whether it be a conference, tradeshow, or training. Not only will you be able to better showcase a physical product, but you will be able to do so with a larger audience- both in person and remote. Unique AR capabilities allow you to connect with your audience. Whether it is a full featured conference, a presentation for a product announcement, or a remote training session. 

Potential clients are able to participate in a more personalized event, in a controlled environment. This encourages individual AR experiences, quizzes, question and answer moderation, and certifications. Consumers will also be able to interact with new technology platforms that they may have not had the opportunity to experience before. Learn more with our 5 Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged in a Virtual Event.

How to Use Augmented Reality in Virtual Demos and Training Events?

As video has become the new mass medium for remote collaborations, holographic-enabled-video allows you to beam holograms of people, products and other key content experiences directly to your space during an event. Holographic object can be use in different types   of events; They build immersion between each attendee and the subject matter, ensuring a great level of knowledge transfer and communications.

For example, you might need to train highly skilled medical staff on your last innovation: set-up your video webcast with a QR code overlay, and let your attendees scan it to view and beam your product as a 3D hologram in their own space, all remotely. They can interact with the object just as they would in a real event -even better, they can rotate, zoom, and activate features that they might not have seen in a real-life, crowded event with endless line-ups and limited time.


You could also have a brand willing to launch a new product. In this case, using the events platform, they can create public or private sessions, reach investors, journalists or the general public with a keynote, while training and certifying their sales, support teams and resellers. And all these events can use a unique 3D AR model across the board for stunning product demos, on stage or at home. 

How to Get Started With Virtual Conferencing?

Our virtual events platform has a diverse library of templates to help you create world-class virtual events and engage with large crowds from all over the world, with one-of-a-kind augmented reality features.. From a one on one sales meeting to a multi-day virtual conference, we have event types and templates to get you started. Whether you want to design an event with multiple layers, including Keynote, a live panel, and live presentations, we have the experience and templates ready to go. 

Our highly skilled team will virtually build the ideal venue that meets your event goals and design the stage to ensure success. 

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Written by Nextech3D.ai