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5 Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged with Virtual Events

Apr 16, 2020 9:14:46 AM

Companies are faced with high barriers when trying to introduce audiences to a new platform or product. While investing copious amounts of time and money in their product, they are challenged with audiences with limited attention span, used to a lot of interactivity and immediate rewards, distracted by their mobile notifications, and much more.
Given the situation of the current global pandemic where a person’s interactivity is limited, virtual events are strong contender to attract audiences and showcase the complexity and simplicity of our physical product. As almost all companies worldwide are working from home, there is the ability to attract a global audience remotely. Companies are finding that this method maximizes their ROI to potential clients and attract users to the benefits of their product.

This is how you can keep your audience (and potential clients) engaged with virtual events, from wherever they are in the world:

1. Create Excitement Before the Meeting 

Before your virtual meeting takes place, send out a registration and agenda in advance. This will let them know what in store for them. Following this, encourage attendees to download material and apps in advance, (without saying too much about it) to let the expectations and anticipation build. Once users know that you have the resources to think outside the box and set yourself apart from competitors, they are more likely to engage with you and your product. This will boost engagement and overall excitement. Excite meeting attendees with the interactive features and possible rewards, certifications, or exclusive material that will be shared. Finally, ask attendees to share or prepare something in advance; A professional or personal anecdote works well if you are working with a smaller team. Let’s face it – We are all intrigued by new, modernized technology. We are drawn to companies that take an innovative approach to marketing their products.

2. Keep It Relevant To Your Audience

The challenge that industry professionals face when they participate in large scale conferences and tradeshows is a diverse range of attendees. It is easy for attendees to get lost in the masses and become overwhelmed with all the options. Virtual Events allow you to cater to a specific audience so you can maximize your ROI. Instead of blending in at a tradeshow or conference, stand out from the crowd at your virtual booth. This innovative and educational approach brings learners together and focuses on the purpose of their attendance: Your product.

3. Use Continuous Interactivity During the Virtual Event

You can have all the new, cool technology, but if you don’t interact with your audience, why are they going to stick around to learn more? Imagine thousands of potential conference attendees viewing your event online – Potential clients! Why are they willing to click on your virtual event
and invest their time into what you are selling? Before diving into the meeting, be sure to start with ice breakers and round table discussion to let attendees introduce themselves. Once the group is comfortable, you can encourage new AR experiences. Use this opportunity to enable real time feedback, Q&A, and interactions. This can include virtual brainstorming, voting quizzes, feedback, and energizers. Consumers will also be able to interact with new technology platforms that they may have not had the opportunity to experience before.

4. Use Your Secret Weapon: Augmented Reality Features

From the comfort of their living room to their office boardroom, implementing AR components to your virtual event will allow potential clients to understand how this product can be utilized in their life. Give attendees the opportunity to beam the product that you are presenting in their own space. Let attendees play with their phones for a good reason: Being able to pinch, rotate, zoom, cast products and explore them from all angles in their own space brings comforts and familiarity to the user. Instead of using slides with specs, show it! Build momentum and then introduce AR. Now that’s the ultimate interaction.


5. Make It Memorable: Post-Meeting Interactions

User experience is crucial: The immersion between each attendee and how the subject matter is displayed is important to their overall understanding of the product. Integrating AR will create engaging conversation and encourage potential clients to keep talking about the product, even after the presentation. After your meeting, share the attendance stats and quiz results, open the floor for questions, and send completion certificates. To stay engaged after the meeting, send a recorded version and additional courses to take.


Written by NexTech


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