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It all started centuries ago in 1545 with nothing more than a simple paper mill in the south of France. 

SWM is a leading global provider of engineered solutions and advanced materials. From its origins as paper-making experts during the Renaissance to its cutting-edge technologies that solve today’s modern business challenges, SWM has consistently demonstrated a forward-looking approach to helping their customers succeed. Their history of performance is thanks in large part to their fundamental manufacturing expertise of roll goods and their deep understanding of the industries they serve.  

Today, SWM papers, films, nets and nonwovens are used in a diverse range of products, applications and industries globally. SWM prides itself as a forward-thinking organization, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that when COVID-19 put a halt to their long-planned event, the New Botanical Paper Offerings & Hemp-Based Solutions for Alternative Markets, the company chose to make an emergency switch to virtual. 

The Challenge 

Initially, The New Botanical Paper Offerings event was planned to take place at a physical trade show. However, like most aspects of everyday life in 2020, the trade show was cancelled amid coronavirus fears and social distancing compliance. SWM was faced with two options: either to disregard the months of preparation and cancel the event altogether or, to host it online. Not for one moment was the former even considered, though. Instead, the company took this as an opportunity to reinforce their core values - innovation and ability to adapt.  

And so, the search for the perfect virtual event platform began. By searching a service provider on an internet search engine, Nextech AR international footprint proofed to be the choice. SWM sought a solution that would not only enable the company to showcase their expanding capabilities to manufacture paper from a variety of botanical materials, but also to give attendees an opportunity to network with other professionals in their field. After reaching out to various virtual event platform providers and watching multiple product demonstrations, SWM decided that ARitize Events 3D was exactly the platform they were looking for to achieve their event goals. 

The Outcome  

What started as a contingency plan, a way to continue business reasonably uninterrupted, gave SWM a fighting chance to establish themselves as industry leaders who go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Though the networking was not as easy as in a physical event, the virtual event allowed to gather a more diversified audience. Needless to say, the post-event attendee feedback SWM received only validates it.  

The most significant highlight for the team at SWM was the panel discussion, which appeared to be “as natural as the news program.” 

Considering the stress of last-minute switch from in-person to digital experience and the fact it was the company’s first ever virtual event, the company is extremely satisfied with how the event went. 

One of the biggest takeaways from the event was its reach. In our blog reviewing virtual events and how they work, we noted that businesses can expect to expand their reach when hosting a virtual event versus physical. 

SWM hoped for at least 100 attendees but had over 200 participants! People ranging from customers to analysts and journalists hailed from 37 different countries, networking and enjoying the available resources, videos, and speakers. Their virtual event boosted engagement and attendance, as it simply wouldn’t be possible for those same attendants to attend an in-person event. 


SWM Site Was Formed With:  

  1. Exhibit booth 

  2. Networking 

  3. Agenda

  4. Live streaming with ask questions feature 

  5. Resource Library 

  6. Give your Opinion with Pigeonhole feature

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Written by Nextech3D.ai