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Increase ROI With The Ultimate Virtual Event​

Create events that inspire people around the world with ARitize Events 3D. Be at the forefront of virtual conferences, digital product launches, live user experiences and secure online learning with interactive 3D product showcases, branded marketplaces, attendee leaderboards and immersive metaverse environments.​

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Desktop screen showing a virtual event building from the outside with the Nextech AR logo above the doors. Mobile phone showing the events in the 'Auditorium' section.

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Reach Audiences Across the Globe

Grow your global audience with ARitize Events. Reach attendees like never before with multi-language options and our intuitive mobile companion app. Your guests can explore your experience no matter what device they use.



ARitize Event showing a booth selected from the floorplan. The booth includes a QR code to join a meeting with other members.

Build an unforgettable community between your virtual and in-person guests

Use our self-serve platform to create stunning floorplans, unique exhibitor booths, poster sessions and more.
Need some help? We have a team of professional event producers, design experts and consultants ready to assist you with your experience needs.



Three phones showing different Augmented Reality experiences. First phone shows a doorway to a mountain in a kitchen, the second shows a woman jamming out on a guitar, and the third shows a blender being placed in AR.

Stand out from the crowd with Augmented Reality (AR)

Inspire and immerse your audience with get-out-of-your-seat moments created with human holograms, AR portals that transport you to different destinations, and AR products beamed into your personal space.

Launch any type of experience

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Trade Shows, Expos, & Conventions


Product-Launches icon

Product Launches & Showrooms

Marketplaces icon




Augmented-Learning icon

Augmented Learning

Conferences icon





Online-Training icon

Online Training & Poster Sessions

Career-Fairs icon

Career & Education Fairs



Digital-Destinations icon

Digital Destination

Corporate-programs icon

Corporate Programs




Galas icon

Galas & Award Ceremonies



Milestones icon

Milestones, Private, or Social Events


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Digital Office

Need something specific? Our team of experts can help.

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Elevate your experience with these unique enhancements

Augmented Reality Upgrades icon

Augmented Reality

Make your event stand out with AR upgrades like: holograms, portals, AR/3D products.

mobile app icon

Mobile App with
White Glove Service

Recreate and convert your virtual event into a smooth mobile experience.

White Label Event Type icon

White Label
Event Type

Customize your event site URL with your company’s branding and colors.

Professional Design Consultation icon

Design Consultation

Consult with creative designers to enhance your virtual event’s branding and theme.

Event Producer icon


Consult a professional broadcast producer to make your virtual event run smoother.

API Integration with Registration Systems icon

API Integration with Registration Systems

Connect preferred registration systems into the virtual platform through an API integrations.

floorplans & maps icon

Floorplans & Maps

Add an interactive floorplan to better showcase your exhibitor’s live locations- a must-have for hybrid events.

Expert Event Consultation icon

Expert Event

Consult with expert event strategists on how to maximize your virtual event experience.

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