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TORONTO, O.N, Canada – October 11, 2023 -   Nextech3D.AI (OTCQX: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) (FSE: EP2), a Generative AI-Powered 3D model supplier for Amazon, P&G, Kohls and other major e-commerce retailers is pleased provide an update to the Company’s investors on its four business units. As a diversified technology Company, each of its businesses ARitize3D, MapD, Toggle3D.ai, ARway.ai delivers a solution powered by ​proprietary AI, 3D, AR, ​and ML.

The Company released its last shareholder update in June 2023, which outlined its Q1 highlights, 3D model updates including in partnership with Amazon, and its patents.

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ARitize3D - 100% owned by Nextech3D.ai

Nextech3D.ai has surpassed a major milestone in 2023 having delivered more than 60,000 3D models to its satisfied customers. This remarkable achievement reflects a notable surge in both production and demand throughout 2023. Nextech3D.ai  is at the forefront of the massive and growing 3D modeling industry and provides 3D models for major e-commerce giants including Amazon, Kohls, CB2  and others.  Due to a strong ROI on 3D models the Company has been seeing a growing market appetite for immersive and interactive shopping experiences.

In August 2023, the Company reported its Q2 & 6 months 2023 Financial Highlights. These included:

  • Six months revenue up +157% compared to same period last year
  • Q2 revenue up +155% compared to same period last year
  • Q2 Gross profit remained consistent at 39% 
  • Nextech3D.ai’s recent name change from Nextech AR Solutions to Nextech3D.ai better reflects Nextech’s current technology and business direction, with its emerging generative AI technology considered a key competitive advantage
  • The Company is gearing up for a record Q4 and record 3D model growth in 2024. CEO Evan Gappelberg and Executive and Head of Product Operations Hareesh Achi recently joined Proactive Investors to discuss the strategic move to set up operations in India - click here to watch

Additional highlights for the Company in 2023 have included its significant expansion of its 3D modeling business to include the Gaming and Manufacturing industries, the announcement of the filing to uplist to the Nasdaq Capital Market, and a number of notable contract signings.


MapD - 100% owned by Nextech3D.ai

 This is Nextech3D.ai’s Event Solutions Platform (formerly Map D) which includes the following components:

Interactive Floor Plan

The Map D interactive floor plan is a powerful tool for tradeshows, festivals, and conferences. With information-rich profiles, it's easy to build out a marketplace of participating vendors and connect them to attendees, sessions, speakers, and more. The floor plan is easy to navigate, search, and bookmark, making it an essential tool for any event with a vendor marketplace 

Booth Sales

Conference organizers can sell booth space to exhibitors with customizable gateway and checkout scenarios. The product allows clients to view the real-time availability of booths and their sales status. It allows exhibitors to reserve a booth or pay for it using a credit card directly from the floorplan.

Mobile App

The app combines the current MapD event management solutions technology with ARway, the AI-powered Augmented Reality Navigation platform with a disruptive no-code, no-beacon spatial computing solution, creating an industry-first augmented reality / artificial intelligence combined solution for event management providers and bringing Augmented Reality to live, in-person conferences and trade shows.

Map D has had a number of notable updates in recent months. These include the following:

  • Advanced Solutions International (ASI) iMIS association database signs Reseller agreement with Map D, providing customers Interactive Floorplans and seamless Integrations between systems
  • Rainfocus event marketing platform signs Reseller agreement with Map D, providing customers Interactive Floorplans and seamless Integrations between systems
  • CannaCon, a global B2B venue for cannabis businesses, marijuana entrepreneurs selects Map D for their Interactive floorplan
  • JENKS Productions, the leading event management company in the Northeast signs Annual License with Map D, providing Interactive floor plans and Booth Sales
  • American Tradeshow Services (ATS), event management company resigns Annual License with Map D, providing Interactive floor plans and Booth Sales

Map D successfully launch updated version of Event mobile app, updates include New UX, Push Notifications, Gamification, and Networking.

  • In The first 9 months of 2023 Map D Revenue has surpassed 2022 Full year revenue.
  • The Company announced the MapD x ARway integration, providing ground-breaking indoor navigation and augmented reality experiences for the event industry.


Toggle3D.ai - OTCQB: TGGLF / CSE: TGGL (45% owned by Nextech3D.ai)

Nextech3D.ai accomplished its second spin-out launching Toggle3D.ai, (OTCQB: TGGLF | CSE: TGGL | FSE: Q0C ) a groundbreaking SaaS solution that utilizes generative AI to convert CAD files, apply stunning 4K texturing, and enable seamless publishing of superior 4K 3D models, serving various industries within the $160 billion CGI market. The Company retains a 45% stake with 13 million shares in Toggle3D.ai. With its Augmented Reality-based rapid prototyping web app, Toggle3D empowers designers, artists, marketers, and eCommerce owners to effortlessly convert, texture, customize, and publish high-quality 3D models and experiences, regardless of technical or 3D design expertise.

  • ai has also integrated with Sketchfab: the largest platform for immersive and interactive 3D content where users publish, share, discover, buy and sell 3D models. Sketchfab currently has over 5 million 3D models available to download. This integration offers 10 million Sketchfab members access to Toggle’s AI generated 3D model texturing tools giving members the ability to create an infinite number of styles and 3D model designs.


Toggle3D  - Q4/2023 and 2024

  • Total users expected to surpass 30,000+
  • The Company is working towards a listing on Product Hunt, bringing additional awareness and exposure to the platform.
  • Implement new photo rendering capabilities using AI
  • Increase the number of paying users (higher user conversion rate)
  • Add real time collaboration in the platform which opens the door for entire teams and workspaces to be created
  • Grow the Toggle3D Community
  • Have new integrations with leading 3D/CAD software
  • Add more pricing plan options for increased flexibility
  • Get listed on Product Hunt, a platform for discovering new products and brands. Some billion dollar companies got their start on Product Hunt, including Zapier, Slack and Notion.


 ARway.ai - OTCQB: ARWYF /CSE:ARWY 45% owned by Nextech3D.ai

 ARway recently signed a number of new partnership deals, including:

  • AI Africa
  • Brink Interactive, all of which represent a significant opportunity for revenue for the Company. Previous to this, the Company has signed a pilot with one of the largest shopping malls in California for navigation and augmented reality experiences in the Centre comprising 1.2 million square feet, more than 130 stores, restaurants;
  • It signed a multi-year contract with Localiza, the largest car rental company in South America, to deliver a differentiated customer experience through newly established rental hubs at all major airports in Latin America. The AR navigation will be for travellers renting cars in branches located in airports and off-airport locations;
  • It signed a contract with the second-largest academic institution in Turkey, Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi, with approximately 70,000 students enrolled.
  • The Company also secured a $500,000 deal with Map D, This strategic collaboration aims to disrupt the lucrative trade show industry, valued at $50 billion, through the introduction of ARway's cutting-edge augmented reality indoor navigation system.


In addition, there have been a number of notable catalysts, which have increased pipeline growth significantly:

  • 13 corporations identified as pilot project prospects
  • Opportunities across major vertical markets such as retail, healthcare, education, manufacturing, telecom, and digital marketing firms
  • Medium-sized and large enterprise customers
  • Newly released Referral Partner and Service Provider Partner programs; with 12 partner program prospects currently evaluating the platform
  • New pricing and go-to-market strategies including integration and app development for various AR glasses manufacturers

 These enterprise deals represent a significant revenue opportunity for ARway.ai as it expands its reach across the globe in the indoor navigation industry.

On the technology side, ARway.ai launched Version 2.5, including AI-assisted pathfinding catering to the demand for inclusive, accurate, and user-friendly navigation solutions, new visually stunning navigation path styles, advanced creator tools, and more, fortifying its market position as a key player in the industry. Version 2.6 was released Sept 28, 2023 and builds upon these features, offering even more advanced capabilities such as multi-map and multi-floor navigation capabilities on the Web Creator Portal, a comprehensive location directory and improved onboarding experience, ensuring ARway's technology remains at the forefront of the Augmented Reality industry.


Apple Vision Pro Developer Labs

Earlier this month, ARway announced the Company was selected to participate at Apple’s Vision Pro Developer Labs in Cupertino, California. ARway is pleased to report that at the developer labs, the Company completed a first build of the ARway Platform on Apple's Vision Pro hardware and realityOS operating system at Apple Park, Cupertino where developers got exclusive access to early prototypes of the headsets.

Watch a video showcasing the new version 2.6 of the ARway platform - click here


Transition to SaaS

ARway recently announced the transition to a SaaS business model, and is now able to offer its Starter and Developer user plans through self-serve sign-up. This automation of the sales process will result in increased revenue, expanded distribution channels, increased usage and traction, and is timed perfectly with future developments in ARway technology and the spatial computing industry.  ARway is already gaining popularity with developers, partners and enterprise clients, and the addition of SaaS will further the quick adoption of the Company’s easy-to-use platform with this automated sales experience


ARway currently offers 5 distinct plans: Starter, Student, Developer, Partner and Corporate:

  • The Starter plan is a free subscription trial with limited features and usage for users interested in learning with the platform. This plan is targeted to new users who want to create their first spatial experience with the ARway template.
  • The Student plan is an exclusive program for all registered post-secondary students to access the ARway Developer plan at a reduced rate.
  • The Developer plan is targeted toward users looking to build a mobile application using ARway’s SDK, create their own custom brand and pitch their mobile app powered by ARway to their customers, which include partners and corporations. Pricing for the Developer plan is a one-time activation fee of USD $249.
  • The Partner plan is designed for agencies and system integrators to develop spatial experiences for their clients.
  • The Corporate plan provides a customized fully integrated solution for corporations who are looking to scale their spatial experiences. Partner & Corporate plans range from $5,000-$250,000 in annual licensing fees which include both Trials and Pilots.

ARway has experienced significant growth to date in 2023, with 1206% increase in active users with 3322 total and a 2050% increase in pilots & trials with 43 total.

ARway - Q4/2023 and 2024
Looking ahead for the remainder of the year and into 2024, investors can expect ARway to experience an increase in sign ups for its Developer, Student, and Developer Pro SaaS plans, as well as major enterprise contracts.


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The Public Company CEO Experience Podcast
Nextech3D.ai has recently released “The Public Company CEO Experience Podcast,” featuring Evan Gappelberg, a highly accomplished three-time public company CEO and serial entrepreneur.  The podcast offers listeners an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the dynamic life of a public company CEO with valuable insights, while also discussing trending topics and providing business updates on Nexech3D.ai, Toggle3D.ai, and ARway.ai. To learn more please visit:  https://www.nextechar.com/investors/the-ceo-experience

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About Nextech3D.ai  

Nextech3D.ai or the "Company," (OTCQX: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) (FSE: EP2), is a versatile augmented reality and AI technology company that utilizes its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to craft immersive 3D experiences at scale for E-COMMERCE. The Company's primary focus lies in creating high-quality 3D WebAR photorealistic models for Amazon and various other online retailers. Nextech3D.ai has adopted a unique approach to creating shareholder value beyond its operating business of creating 3D models. 

The Company also develops or acquires disruptive AI-technologies, which are subsequently spun out to shareholders as standalone public companies. This spin-out strategy allows Nextech3D.ai to issue stock dividends to its shareholders while maintaining significant ownership in the public spin-out, without dilution to the parent company Nextech3D.ai.

Notably, Nextech3D.ai successfully spun out "ARway," (OTCQB: ARWYF | CSE: ARWY | FSE:E65 ) its spatial computing platform, as a standalone public company on October 26, 2022. The Company retains a 49% stake with 13 million shares in ARway Corp. while distributing 4 million shares to Nextech AR shareholders.

Similarly, Nextech3D.ai accomplished its second spin-out launching Toggle3D.ai, (OTCQB: TGGLF | CSE: TGGL | FSE: Q0C ) an AI-powered 3D design studio aimed at competing with Adobe. The Company retains a 44% stake with 13 million shares in Toggle3D.ai Corp.

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