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Subscriber Spotlight - Walther Arms, Inc.

By Nextech3D.ai on Oct 1, 2019 3:31:45 PM

4 min read

Augmented Reality With Walther Arms

Walther Arms, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sport, defense, and professional firearms. Most famous as the manufacturer of James Bond’s Walther PPK, the company has partnered with NexTech AR Solutions to add 3D product models and augmented reality for shoppers. High-fidelity 3D models will be featured on the company’s website, which can be viewed in augmented reality. Customers will be able to view products with a 360- degree rotation. AR technology will allow you to see the products in your current environment. “Walther products feature many details in machining and quality, and the 3D representation will allow the customer to clearly see the differences in our product when compared to the competition,” said Cody Osborn, M.Ed. Marketing Manager for Walther Arms, Inc. Sales of small arms, such as handguns, rifles, and shotguns account for more than $8.3 billion in sales annually as part of a $17 billion-dollar guns and ammunition manufacturing industry in the U.S. Walther Arms products will literally pop out on dealer websites and show the intricacies of the quality details that go into manufacturing. “Being able to use augmented reality for visualizations, and 3D product views of precision high-quality products like the Walther PPK pistol and other precision products makes a ton of business sense,” said Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech. It’s another example of a manufacturer utilizing AR tools to enhance the shopping and display experience. NexTech’s proprietary technology has brought 3D and AR imaging into the mainstream using simple copy and paste embed codes.

Benefits of AR For Manufacturers, Dealers, and Consumers

AR significant value propositions for manufacturers, dealers, and consumers. For consumers, they get a more personal and customized experience. They can get more comfortable with products by emulating the in-store experience without ever having to leave home. For dealers and manufacturers:

  • Increases Lead Generation for Dealers
  • Increases conversion rates of shoppers to buyers
  • Reduces returns across the channel (Consumer Dealer Manufacturer)
  • Builds Brand Awareness and Loyalty
  • Educates consumer and channel stakeholders

Consumers Expect Immersive Shopping Experiences

There are nearly 3 billion smartphones users worldwide that have the ability to access AR and eCommerce on mobile Increased reliability of connections have exploded usage. 5G technology is being deployed now. It boasts speed 100 times faster than 4G. By 2020, more than 100 million consumers will be shopping online in AR, according to consulting firm Gartner. Once shoppers get used to visualizing products in an AR environment, they come to expect all companies will display products that way. In fact, they are likely to see companies with flat images and without AR as not being current. With high-tech, higher-priced, and higher-quality products, consumers will demand AR as part of their shopping experience. NexTech’s surprisingly affordable. You can ARitizeTM your online shopping experience starting at $30 a month. A rich AR experience for Apps starts at $99 a month. White label versions start at $250 a month.

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Written by Nextech3D.ai