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Shopify product customizers are becoming more and more popular. But why? Here’s an example to illustrate why a 3D product configurator is so necessary and beneficial for both business and customers alike. 

Imagine you’re a furniture business on Shopify and are ready to display a new couch that came in. Customers can choose from a variety of color swatches as well as different design patterns for this single product, so it’s important to provide visuals to help them decide which is best to match their existing décor. The last thing you want is for a high return rate on this product if you’re unable to properly visually show off the variations you’re offering. 

Studies show that consumers demand high-quality visualizations, as they expect an average of 6 images per product so, we’re most likely looking at 50+ photos just in this imaginary scenario alone. More products will understandably have even more customization and personalization options, and we’re quickly seeing how it’s not practical to photograph all these options. Costs quickly rack up as you set up studio space, a photographer, and rent equipment to meet the demand for engaging visuals. 

A Shopify product configurator and customizer is your best friend while running your Shopify store. As a busy vendor, you’ve got plenty on your plate and this type of app is low effort with high rewards! Instead of high photography costs, you can start with a single 3D model to display all your possible variations. 

How Does a Shopify 3D Product Customizer Work? 

A Shopify 3D product customizer takes all your design options and streamlines it into one place on your product page. 

Just as if a customer is walking through a shoe store and sifting through different colors and patterns, the same experience is provided online with a customizer: 

  • 360-degree views 
  • Color swatches 
  • Texture options 
  • Different parts 

Here’s an example of displaying product color variations with Nextech AR Solutions’ very own configurator tool: 

In short, a 3D product configurator and customizer mimic the personalized shopping experiences found in brick-and-mortar stores that customers usually miss out on while shopping online. 

Now, it’s time to choose the right configurator that makes the most sense for you. We know Shopify store owners are experts in running their business, but probably not exactly what you’d consider a tech expert (especially in 3D). 

As a leader in the world of augmented reality (AR) and 3D model technology, Nextech AR Solutions is here to share our knowledge and walk you through every step of the process. Below you’ll find our guide outlining the main benefits you should look out for when choosing the best Shopify 3D product configurator for your online store. And if you still have questions, our 3D expert team is ready to help. 

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Seamless Integration for the Easiest Customization Offerings 

Seamless integration is a must, so it makes sense to use a product customizer that works with the Shopify app and is as simple to use as any other plug-in you might already be using. 

And the more automation, the better for those ecommerce vendors who aren’t particularly tech savvy. 

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Straightforward Functionality for a Shopify Product Configurator 

Another feature you should be looking for is a configurator requiring no expert knowledge. So, we mean your app choice shouldn’t be asking you to do any sort of web design, coding, or programming. Even if your tech knowledge is as limited as simply knowing how to copy and paste or drag or drop, it’s key to find the app that matches your speed. 

Nextech AR Solutions’ Shopify apps are all powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, meaning the work needed from you is kept to a minimum! We take the 2D photos directly from your Shopify site to automatically create 3D models. From there, one 3D model sets the groundwork to create a beautiful portfolio of different colors, textures, designs, and parts. 

Shopify Vendor Friendly Pricing and Scalability in a Product Customizer

Before 3D and AR became a more common tool for ecommerce, it oftentimes could take months and thousands of dollars to craft a single product model! 

Obviously, that isn’t going to work for most Shopify vendors. But with our 3D and AR technology powered by AI, we offer any Shopify storefront the ability to scale and transform their whole catalog in weeks, or even days! If you have 1 SKU or up to 50 or more, we have a plan dedicated for you. We’re a complete end-to-end solution that takes care of the whole process so you can stay focused on your Shopify sales. 

To get started, we give a 30 day free trial to see if our app is right for you. Our app and tech are specifically designed to help you compete with the big companies! 

Curious if Nextech AR Solutions’ Shopify 3D/AR app is the best option to boost your online business? Our experts are ready to walk you through and provide demos! Reach out here today. 


Written by Nextech3D.ai