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If you’ve ever attended, planned, or hosted an event that turned out to be a dud, then you understand the immense pressure that event managers face. These talented professionals are experts at designing, organizing, and overseeing spectacular events that impress exhibitors and attendees alike.  

Of course, what can feel like magic on event day is often the product of careful planning and successfully navigating frustrating pain points. From complicated event logistics and spreadsheets to clunky, outdated event management tools and the need to add virtual events and audiences into the mix, many factors can make event management a difficult task.  

One of the biggest challenges event managers face is keeping attendees engaged and interested throughout the event. Boredom is perhaps the worst outcome of any live event.  

That’s why event managers are optimizing attendee engagement with augmented reality (AR) and 3D immersive experiences. Technology solutions, such as a modern event management app and behavioral analytics coupled with AR and 3D, enables event professionals to manage and execute events while boosting engagement levels of attendees.  

Event Managers will Swoon over these Solutions

Today, event managers can get off to a great start in the planning process with an all-in-one event management tool. By providing various features and functionalities that help event managers streamline logistics, manage budgets, promote events, and sell booths and sponsorships, event management software helps cross complicated event logistics off of your to-do list.  

One of the most significant advantages of event management tools is that they allow managers to automate many of the tasks associated with event planning and execution, which can free up time and resources to focus on other areas. Additionally, many of these tools provide real-time data and analytics, allowing planners to track attendees, gather feedback, and make data-driven decisions. 

For example, our Map D solution has become one of the most popular self-serve event management tools. Designed to provide an easy way to sell your floor space and secure sponsors, deliver a robust mobile event app for in-person attendees, or host an event entirely in a self-contained virtual venue, Map D provides the event planning software and features you need to manage and execute any kind of event, including:  

  • All-in-one event app. Streamline event planning and execution by simplifying operations in a single app.  

  • Attendee ticket sales. Whether hosting a virtual trade show or an in-person event, maximizing sales with digital ticketing ensures audience accessibility and minimizes overhead.  

  • Interactive floor plans. Use our event API to integrate with your custom systems or provide access to your data to designated 3rd party services. 

  • Booth and sponsorship sales. At more than 3,500 live events across five continents, Map D has facilitated more than $200 million in booth sales.  

  • Schedule, speakers, and exhibitor management tools. Keep everyone up to date on the latest schedule and speaker presentations, elevating audience engagement with ease.  

Each feature empowers event managers to expand and enhance their offerings, delighting audiences at trade show events, expos and other innovative gatherings. 

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A Perfect Match  

When coupled with ARway, a no-code, no-beacon indoor wayfinding solution, event management tools can unlock accessibility to the metaverse by allowing people to experience and enhance their physical surroundings with AR navigation and interactive experiences. The benefits are far-reaching and multifaceted, including:  

  • Removing the complexity of navigating the tradeshow floor and locating booths with AR wayfinding while leveraging the airspace to engage people. 

  • Giving step-by-step directions with wayfinding around indoor spaces while interacting with rich AR content along the route. 

  • Enabling AR-powered marketing and branded display activations.  

  • Providing immersive experiences to guide people through a physical space that is augmented and enhanced with contextual information and content in the palm of your hand through a mobile device.  

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MapD & ARway - Fall in Love With AR

Easy to Use, Easy to Love 

There is a lot to love about the modern suite of event management tools, and event planners are swooning over the features and functionalities that help make high-stakes live events a resounding success.  

Set-up is fast and easy, and we stay with you as you plan events using our platform. As this video demonstrates, mapping a trade show floor for activating navigation and immersive content at Restaurants Canada (RC) only required two people and a cell phone.  




What is an event management system? 

An event management system (EMS) is a software platform specifically designed to help event planners and managers organize and execute events. It typically includes a wide range of features and functionalities designed to streamline the event planning process and help managers stay organized and on top of all the details. 

Why should you use event management platforms? 

Event management platforms provide a comprehensive solution for event planners and managers to streamline logistics, automate tasks, track attendees, gather feedback and make data-driven decisions, improve the attendee experience, and expand service offerings. These platforms provide a wide range of features and functionalities that can help you manage all aspects of your event, from scheduling to vendor management to budgeting, and also allow virtual and hybrid event capabilities.

Let’s Engage 

Are you ready to marry the physical and digital worlds of your trade shows? Contact Nextech Event Solutions today to learn how Map D and ARway can transform your next live or virtual event.  


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Written by Nextech3D.ai