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7 Successful Women Share Their Advice for Motherhood

By Nextech3D.ai on May 7, 2021 1:43:26 PM

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Happy Mother's Day from Nextech AR
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“Mothers are stewards of the future more so than just merely caretakers of children.”

During this time of celebrating Moms, Nextech AR Solutions recently had the incredible opportunity to chat with a diverse set of successful mothers, who shared their personal stories and insight for attaining the best of both worlds:

What does Motherhood mean to you?

Developing someone’s view of the world by providing experiences. Taking the time to listen, even if it’s really complicated stories about Roblox or My Little Pony.

Micaela Shaw., SVP, Marketing & Growth, WayBetter

Motherhood could be considered just another form of leadership. We choose to bring these little humans into the world, and how we treat them, how we act around them, how we encourage them (or not) all impact the person they grow into. Much like leadership with teams, what you say and do (or don't do) always counts. They look to you as a guardian and a guide. Motherhood, to me, is the most important form of leadership there is.

Sarah Bundy., Founder & CEO, All Inclusive Marketing Inc.

Motherhood to me means taking on life's greatest, hardest, and most rewarding challenge. It means my life is no longer only about me, but about my family and I am building something that will go beyond myself.

Joanne Yoo., Demand Generation Manager, Appian

What advice do you have for mothers in your industry?

I think it’s not possible to achieve some kind of perfect “balance” between work and parenting. So I don’t strive for that. I try hard to be honest and open with my kids, and allow them to see and be a part of my professional and personal life as much as possible. I hope they learn from my successes and my failures alike.

Melissa Jones., Director of Technical Programs, Shopify

If you are a mother in the technology industry, you may be surprised when your child(ren) can surpass you in technological capabilities before you know it! I'd encourage you to share your knowledge and skills with your child(ren) as soon as they are able to grasp the information and ask them questions to help you understand how the next generation might impact your industry.

Janice Dru-Bennett., Senior Enterprise Experience Strategist, Nextech AR Solutions

Don't show up at work pretending you're not a mom. Or, that the role as mom is second to the role of employee, colleague, co-worker. You're a mom first. Speak that truth. Insist on room for that truth in your workplace.

Jani Westcott., Director of Brand Strategy, OKRP

You’re not just a carer of your child. Be a strong influencer by showing hard work, integrity and love in life! Regardless of your career path, remember that you’ll be the first woman that your child will know. You can make a positive impact by being awesome!

Yekemi Otaru., Executive Director, Doqaru Limited 

Name a book, podcast, or show you could recommend to other mothers.

Moth Radio. I love listening to other people's personal stories. It makes me wonder what story I'm beginning to write for my kids-- what pivotal moments of their lives will I be a part of? What will their stories about me sound like one day?

Joanne Yoo

None. Take a walk, visit a museum, attend live music or dance and listen to your own thoughts. 

Jani Westcott

When I had my first kid, "Bringing up Bebe" was my parenting bible. I also love Julie Zhuo's "Looking Glass" on Medium, which talks a lot about being a working mom.

Micaela Shaw

Who are some other mothers you admire?

Sheryl Sandberg and Shaa Wasmund are confident women that help other women achieve their goals. They’ve been through a lot and come out stronger and more influential than ever.

Yekemi Otaru

I went to a talk once where a CEO of a start-up who was also a single parent admitted that she relied on friends and family as well as nannies, housekeepers, food delivery services, and more in order to “have it all”. Career success and a happy home life raising healthy kids is possible but it takes a village! That was a really eye-opening message for me; it’s okay to ask for help!

Melissa Jones

Alexandra Forsch, CEO of Awin US comes to mind immediately. She has been able to lead and grow one of the most successful and progressive affiliate networks in the US while raising her young twins along the way. She's always present, always positive and always supportive of everyone around her. She's just one example of the amazing power-house women in the affiliate marketing industry, to which, there are far too many to name. 

Sarah Bundy

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Jani Westcott
Director of Brand Strategy
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Janice Dru-Bennett
Nextech AR Solutions
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