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Almost every aspect of business has gone virtual because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees are working from home. Meetings now take place on video chat services instead of in the board room.

The same is true of events. Conferences that typically draw thousands of attendees are now taking place online. And although these changes may seem temporary, they could have a lasting impact.

According to an article by Laura Ramos, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, “The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing companies to react today to try to maintain a sense of normalcy and to recover when marketers can’t hold an event in person. While today is reactive, we think companies will use this crisis to take a serious look at their long-term plans as they relate to many areas, events included.”

Many of the biggest brands are now exploring how to incorporate virtual events into their future marketing and sales calendars. But how do virtual events stack up against traditional ones? 

With an augmented reality (AR) solution, they can be even more engaging.

Moving Beyond Conventional Virtual Events Tools

When the pandemic struck, companies turned to the digital conferencing tools they were familiar with. Products like Zoom saw millions of new meeting participants.

These conventional virtual events tools like video software don’t have the same impact as an in-person event. They make most virtual events one-sided, and it’s easy to lose the attention of your attendees when all they see is a basic video feed. Rather than creating an opportunity to network and share ideas, they force your attendees to endure what amounts to a long video chat meeting. There is little interactivity, and it can be a challenge to keep people inspired.

Hosting interesting virtual events requires preparation, timing, and urgency. You need a game plan to ensure the event is successful, and the topics covered during the event must be relevant to your audience.

Thankfully, you can start making truly engaging virtual events with augmented reality.

How AR Can Enhance a Virtual Event

AR can increase engagement during virtual events by transporting your attendees into a virtual event space. It works by overlaying the real world with a dynamic image. Instead of staring at a video feed of someone speaking, attendees can move through the space, engage with the content, and feel like they are present at your event.

The latest AR solutions take this a step further by incorporating new features.

For example, NexTech AR’s solutions have everything you’d expect from a virtual events tool. You can use your favorite live chat and live video tools, but with added AR features like holograms and interactive elements that keep attendees fascinated. Your attendees can even use their own devices to join your event with AR.

NexTech AR also provides users with other interactive features. You can use the InfernoAR platform to launch quizzes, Q&A sessions, games, and more.

Virtual Event Ideas with AR

Tools like these open a new world of opportunity for virtual events. Already, event organizers have come up with a variety of ways to create meaningful experiences with AR.

Here are just a few you could try:

Virtual Tradeshows

You don’t need to worry about logistics for your next tradeshow. Create a virtual tradeshow space for your attendees with NexTech AR’s solutions instead.

Your guests can explore a virtual exhibition hall, complete with booths, holographic speakers, product demonstrations, and interactive terminals.

Interactive Online Press Conferences

Press conferences are great for public relations. If you can’t hold one in person, use AR to create a virtual press conference space.

With our tools, you can take questions, display graphics, and more.

Virtual Product Launches

Use AR to show off your new product online. Using a hologram, your guests can see your product in action first-hand. There are no logistical costs, and guests can get a feel for your product from the comfort of home.

AR-Driven Networking Sessions

Networking is challenging to do with conventional virtual event tools. Most people don’t want to network in a chatroom, either. Using an AR solution, you can transport your guests to a virtual networking space.

Start Your Next AR-Driven Event

Ready to learn how AR can transform your next event? For more virtual engagement ideas, contact NexTech AR Solutions today.


Written by Nextech3D.ai