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Nextech3D.ai discusses record-breaking growth and AI-Generated 3D model deliveries for Q1

May 19, 2023 11:53:42 AM

Nextech3D.AI CEO and Founder Evan Gappelberg joins Natalie Stoberman from the Proactive studios to share the company's record financial and operational results for Q1 2023.

Gappelberg says NextTech3D.ai has experienced significant growth which saw a 550% year-over-year surge in its 3D modeling business. The company has also reported 40% sequential revenue growth from Q4 2020 to Q1 2023, while delivering 20,000 3D models to Amazon, their largest customer. Gappelberg says he attributes the company's explosive growth to Amazon's influence and their ability to generate 3D models at a lower cost and higher volume using generative AI.  

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Topics: 3D Models

Written by Nextech3D.ai