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Designing in 3D for non-3D artists


A vital read for online retailers, manufacturers, designers, digital artists, and product managers, Flipping the Switch on 3D Design salutes the importance of your work - and reveals new technologies available today that make it possible for anyone to design metaverse-ready 3D models.

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In this eBook, you will learn:


The history of product design and how the world standardized on CAD


The importance of 3D graphics in e-commerce for enhancing shopper experiences - and retailers’ bottom lines


Why CAD files have limited uses for marketing and ecommerce applications - and what can be done about it


How a new 3D design platform is changing the way we think of 3D modeling

This eBook details e-commerce consumer expectations for rich digital experiences and how 3D technology makes it possible to meet them. The complexity of working with CAD files has been a challenge for many designers. However, emerging tools such as Nextech AR Solutions’ Toggle3D Design Studio, can make anyone a 3D artist.


Download Flipping the Switch on 3D Design now and learn how you can unlock the creativity offered by the third dimension in a way that is simple, seamless, and valuable. Get more from your CAD files and easily start designing in 3D today.