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Fully compliant end-to-end event solutions for enterprise and associations. Featuring exciting AR navigation, 3D floorplans, interactive 3D product showcases, gamification, marketplaces and immersive metaverse experiences.​


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Raise the bar at your next event!

AR product showcases

Showcase 3D and AR product samples at your event. Engage your audience by allowing them to interact with your product by rotating, pinching and zooming in and out.

Product visualization from anywhere

Your attendees can cast AR models into their environment using nothing more than their smartphone for a fully immersive experience.

Human holograms

Send event invitations, announcements or exhibit booth welcomes with holograms of your speakers, representatives or C-Level executives to create excitement.

Professional production & streaming

Combine multiple live video feeds into a professional TV-grade broadcast. Capture and stream videos from any source to thousands of attendees around the world.

Customizable design​

Work with our professional design team to customize your event. Delight your attendees with an easy to use, accessible, branded and immersive interface.

Highlight your sponsors

Showcase your sponsors through tiered branding, banner and video ads, branded virtual stages, premium or featured exhibition slots, virtual VIP lounges and more.​

Event analytics

Monitor the success of your event and your lead generation performance.

Global reach​

Expand your reach with 60+ languages including closed captioning built right into the platform.

Networking made easy

Use moderated or fully open sessions and chat rooms to enhance attendee interactions.

Our event platforms at a glance



Keep your audiences engaged with stunning Holograms, AR product showcases, 3D product visualizations and Augmented Reality experiences with our ARitize Events platform.

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Use Map D to easily create your next virtual, in-person, or hybrid event using a rich set of online tools paired with dedicated guidance and support.

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Why choose us to host your next event?

Your one stop event solution provider driving engagement and ROI for exhibitors

Our platforms are designed to meet your event needs

  • Stunning Augmented Reality demos to capture and keep attendees’ attention.

  • Customizable: Fully branded exhibit halls, stages, booths and more!

  • Event Analytics: Monitor success with robust metrics like lead generation.

  • Truly Global: Expand your reach with over 60+ languages and built-in closed captioning.

Stunning Augmented Reality Demos

Engage your attendees with
show-stopping 3D experiences

3D Product Showcase: With Augmented Reality, it feels just like having a product sample at your fingertips! As a presenter, you can rotate and zoom in on your latest innovation while introducing it to your stakeholders, investors and sales teams.

Product Visualization, From Home: Your attendees can see and interact with 3D models using their smartphone (no app required), for a fully immersive experience.

Human Holograms: Send event invitations or announcements with holograms of your speakers or executives to create excitement.

Show-stopping 3D experiences

Create value for your sponsors

Create Value: It goes without saying that virtual events are more cost-effective than live events, but they can also be far more profitable with the use of the right media packages for you and your partners.

Highlight Your Sponsors: We'll help you design sponsor packages to make sure they get the best visibility in their desired section of the event.

Event Promotion and Advertising: Use our ad platform and in-stream video ads to highlight sponsors, partners and premium exhibitors before, during and after your event with programmatic display ads and remarketing.

Monetize Your Event: You can choose from banner and video ads displayed during the event, named auditoriums and rooms, premium or featured exhibition slots, virtual VIP lounges, and more.

Create value for your sponsors

Host Webinars, Networking Sessions, Workshops and Breakout Rooms

Built for Engagement: Keep attendees engaged and foster networking by designing a perfectly balanced agenda, combining live & pre-recorded plenary sessions with workshops and breakout sessions to address specific topics more in-depth.

Interactions Made Easy: Use moderated or fully open sessions and chat rooms to enhance attendee interactions.

Distribute Live and/or Pre-Recorded Webinars: During your events to scale your reach to hundreds or thousands of attendees at the same time.

Networking Sessions, Workshops and Breakout Rooms

Host any type of event!

trade shows

Trade Shows, Expos, & Conventions



Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Product Launches & Showrooms

Product Launches & Showrooms

Online Training & Poster Sessions

Online Training & Poster Sessions

Galas & Award Ceremonies

Galas & Award Ceremonies



Career & Education Fairs

Career &
Education Fairs



Augmented Learning

Augmented Learning

Digital Destinations

Digital Destinations

Digital Office

Digital Office

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