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Increase Retention by 70%​ With Our Pioneering 3D Learning Solutions

Break through barriers to effective remote, virtual learning with the most engaging augmented reality classroom labs available. Foster greater participation and exploration.


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Ryerson USF CMU Biosense TEDX

Attract top talent and foster long-term learning with
learn-by-doing experiences​


Engage with virtual and 3D experiences tailored to your unique educational requirements​

Augmented Reality Learning Labs

Allow students to pinch, zoom and rotate equipment in a 3D, AR lab for a fully immersive learning experience.

Host Classes Online

Connect with students from anywhere with customizable and collaborative online courses and workshops.

Campus Maps & Virtual Tours

Offer interactive maps and tours throughout your campus to give students the best experience.

Education Fairs & Graduation Ceremonies

Host virtual experiences with holograms and live streams combined for guests, students and family members to enjoy.

Our education-supporting platforms at a glance



Take advantage of our ARitize Events platform to host graduation ceremonies, online learning courses, or live lectures with Q&A.

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Learn more about the latest hands-on virtual experiences in technology in our AR Labs solution. Browse our collection, create new experiences and improve your institution’s immersive learning offerings.​

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Use MapD to create detailed campus maps for your students. Feature neighborhood hotspots, or important locations your students should know about.

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Imagine revolutionizing advanced education

Host classes online

  • Engage students with customized courses and workshops online.

  • Easily integrate amazing 3D activities.

  • Ensure interactivity with Q&A and live lectures.

host classes online through Nextech AR's Education solutions

Drive interaction and retention with educator holograms & AR learning labs

  • Use augmented reality to keep students engaged and provide detailed explanations of course material.

  • In a 3D/AR Lab, students can pinch, zoom, and rotate equipment for a fully immersive learning experience.

  • Step-by-step hologram walkthroughs ensure a complete understanding of content.

Drive interaction and retention with educator holograms & AR learning labs

Increase enrollment with new engaging technology

  • Recruit new students globally with immersive virtual campus portals and 360 video experiences.

  • Host education fairs and campus tours virtually.

Offer virtual campus tours and interactive maps

Interact with students and families in whole new ways

  • Share virtual graduation events with family members around the world.

  • Use interactive AR campus maps so students get a high-tech, exciting experience while exploring on campus.

Increase enrollment with new engaging technology

Experience augmented learning labs in action

BLG 143: Peptides

Using the AR peptide model to visualize how a peptide bends and folds in 3D space when placed in different environments.


BLG 143: Microscope

How to use the microscope, and prepare a wet mount slide with an emphasis on the comparison between plant and animal cells.



The goal of this experience is to augment the laboratory assignment by showing students how the spectrophotometer internally functions when processing a sample. Often these instruments seem like a black box, so by allowing the students to “pop the top” they can gain more understanding of how these devices work.

BLG151: Culture Media

 Preparation of Culture Media, AR experience description: Inoculation of different media plates, incubation and seeing results after incubation, Streak plate of their Unknown Mixed Culture



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