Augmented Reality Solutions for Advertising and Marketing

Reach your audiences through our innovative 3D/Augmented Reality (AR) ad solutions and private marketplaces, and exceed your marketing ROI through Nextech AR 3D Ad Network.


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AR advertising through our end-to-end marketing solutions



We have Augmented Reality advertising and marketing solutions to fit all your business needs

AR & 3D responsive ads

Deliver immersive experiences through 3D and AR ads. Creating powerful marketing experiences through AR and 3D ads in a scalable manner.

End-to-end digital marketing

E2E solution for all your digital marketing needs, from creating creatives to delivering your marketing campaigns through our own DSP and ad-serving technologies.

Customized campaign management

Providing dedicated and custom campaign management solutions along with proper optimization for our customers.

Smart packaging

Triggered by a visual anchor such as a QR code placed on product packaging, in-store aisles or endcap displays, this interactive AR hologram takes smart packaging to a new level with exciting 3D objects and engaging episodic content!

Private marketplaces – through digital experiences platform

Providing private marketplaces for marketers to advertise on our digital experiences platform.

AR product showcases– through digital experiences platform

Showcase 3D and AR product samples at your event. Engage your audience by allowing them to interact with your product by rotating, pinching and zooming in and out.

Elevate your marketing content with our 3D and AR products



Reach your audiences through our innovative 3D/Augmented Reality ad solutions, exceed your marketing ROI using our Threedy Ads service.

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With our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform, we turn your existing 2D product images into exciting and high-quality 3D and Augmented Reality content at a scale, cost, and ease that can’t be matched.

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ARitize CPG is an Augmented Reality hologram experience triggered by a visual anchor such as a QR code placed on product packaging, in-store aisles or endcap displays.

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Seeing is believing. Interact with these 3D ads!


Put AR content at the core of your
ad & marketing strategy




Drive more click-throughs via 3D Hologram ads

Bring all the benefits of 3D Product Holograms on your website to increase engagement and dwell times, and move this into your ad spend. The good news is: it’s quick and affordable, we take care of the 3D modeling and integration in the ad through our ad server.



Boost your online traffic with our AR advertising platform

Give your programmatic campaigns a new spin by embedding a fully interactive hologram into your classic ad banners! Run and manage your campaigns directly from very own 3D-enabled ad server and DSP.





Combine AR & virtual events for stunning product launches and demos

As a presenter, you can rotate, pinch and zoom in on your latest product innovation while introducing it to your stakeholders, investors and sales teams. Reach a broader audience with our unique Webcast solution. Host virtual keynotes with a shared AR experience. Run remote classes, webinars, events, product presentations with AR features.



Take your brand to the next level with AR smart packaging

Stand out from competitors and add enhanced functionality with smart packaging. Smart packaging AR experiences are triggered by a visual anchor, such as a simple and inexpensive QR code placed on product packaging, in-store aisles or endcap displays. Interactive AR holograms take smart packaging to a new level with exciting 3D objects, innovative visual effects and engaging episodic content to connect with customers!





Measure & optimize your AR ads with our comprehensive dashboard

Access our comprehensive state-of-the-art analytics dashboard. Measure interactions with your product holograms wherever it is used. Produce eye-catching reports to assess your launch success. Get invaluable insights to optimize your ad campaigns, product pages, training sessions, and even your future product developments!

Have questions about AR products & ads?

  • How does Augmented Reality work?

    Augmented Reality consists of overlaying a 3D model of a product (furniture, appliance, apparel, shoes, etc.) onto someone’s real environment, through a phone camera for example. It’s a unique way for a customer to see a product from virtually any angle, and test how it will fit their environment.

  • What is and Augmented Reality ad Unit?

    An augmented reality ad is a standard online html5 banner, coming in most common sizes, with a 3D object “floating” over a static background. Customers can pinch, zoom and rotate directly within the ad banner and/or view the product in AR before adding it to the cart. No need to download an extra app or plugin to enjoy it.

  • How does your Augmented Reality ad platform work?

    With our very own ad-server and DSP, we can create and serve 3D/AR-enabled ad units. Once AR ads are created and tested, it works like any display management platform. You can manage your campaign, bids, CPMs and other KPIs and results from one unique location.

  • How do I convert my existing product images into Augmented Reality assets?

    That’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3! We actually

    1. Build the 3D hologram for you

    2. Provide a unique AR link for your landing pages

    3. Create the ads on our server and provide all the analytics!


  • I already use an ad platform. Can I use Augmented Reality ad Units?

    Yes, you can also choose to use your own DSPs with our ad-server. Your DSP will need to be quickly tested to ensure our solution is compatible. 

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