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We deliver out-of-your-seat experiences for your audiences across the globe.

Powered by Augmented reality and studio-level broadcasting, stunning custom lobbies, interactive workshops, expo halls, and networking features, our experiences are tailored to address your engagement needs and desired ROI. 

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Here are some Nextech AR Reviews from thrilled customers:


“As our introduction into a virtual trade show, Nextech’s customer service, support, and expertise were essential in making this trade show a success. This experience will give us confidence to embrace digital events in the future."

Alejandra Henao
Director, International Trade and Development


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“The Nextech AR platform allowed us to integrate our registration system, broadcast our content live and have a virtual exhibit hall, all within a user-friendly system for attendees.”

Lerna G.
Sales and Operations Manager

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“Because Nextech AR Solutions is a virtual platform, it allowed us to cover the whole state, compared to our previous in-person events where we faced the issue of leaving members out based on our location. Location has always been a barrier for members who do not live nearby. Nextech AR Solutions removed that barrier

Segun Idowu
Executive Director


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“...our event was a success. It was our first virtual event, and I have to admit that I was impressed because we relied completely on you (Nextech); because you were the owner of running the event; it worked well and smoothly thanks to your technical team. It’s really important...”

Cecile Le Nay

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“Overall, it was pretty easy to navigate. We were able to do it on phones, tablets, and computers. It was well adapted to all the devices we were using. It was very flexible and allowed you to connect with people. It was beautiful.”

Ms. Blanca Agudelo
LSF Program Manager

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“When I first met the NexTech AR team, I was greeted by a group of creative, hardworking individuals who were ready to push the boundaries of the virtual event space. As an event provider that handles more than 100 on-ground events yearly for mostly multi-national organizations, we were delighted to have built a strong partnership very quickly with the NexTech AR team to help us bridge the gap between on-ground & virtual events. We are excited to see how our partnership will develop in the future as we aim to exceed our clients expectations together in both the physical & digital space”.

Ezzeldin Delawar
Commercial Manager, Skybridge



“NexTech did a splendid job when they managed the global webcast for our product introduction. They are the experts. It all worked flawless from start to end.”

Business Manager
Global Distributor of Electronic Components


“NexTech’s customer service is outstanding. They are always responsive and support me well whenever I use their on-line video platform for our training sessions.”

IT Director
Pharmaceutical Company


“InfernoAR is the cornerstone of our internal webcasting production. A solid platform built by people who know video and how to deliver it. It is a full featured environment that is intuitive to use and easy to administer. Our workflow has improved tenfold over our previous webcasting solution. The team at NexTech have been very responsive when we need assistance and have been welcoming to our feature requests. I don’t think our productions would be as successful without the support and attention to detail Inferno delivers”

David B.
Video Engineer
3-Letter Major Broadcaster company


"We chose NexTech to ARitize™ our AEVA system because we know it will provide a better level of education for our product and empower the consumer’s path to purchase as they shop on our website. We’re excited to provide our consumers an AR shopping experience like no other in the agricultural industry."

Kevin Jakiela

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"NexTech has provided Walther customers a unique experience in shopping for their handgun. We have seen a significant increase in time spent on each webpage that features the Augmented Reality button that Nextech has provided. Our new 2020 lineup of products continue to push the boundaries of performance in pistols, the Augmented Reality allows the customer to immerse themselves in every detail of the model before purchasing, furthinering Walther's status as a performance leader."

Cody Osborn
Marketing Manager





"As a company focused on providing innovative products to the industry, we saw AR as an opportunity to assist in setting Air Sniper further apart from competitors. We wanted to use AR to generate a better understanding of our premium product offering and we believe the use of NexTech’s AR will greatly assist in communicating to our customers how Air Sniper equipment integrates into their facility. We see AR as a tool to elevate our client experience and to quickly become an industry leader"

Stuart Henley
President of Alpine Innovative Research




"When LAPG first got contacted by NexTech AR, we were immediately excited by the prospect of 3D-AR online shopping. The largest barrier that online retailers run into is the customer not being able to touch and feel the product. With this technology, it gives our customers as close to a “retail” experience as they can get without being in a store. With our customers, they need to make sure that what they are buying is going to work as, often times, their life is going to depend on it. With NexTech’s AR technology integrated on our website they will now be able to see if something is the right size, has the right features and will work for their load out, which is great."

Mark Hedman





"I can't even describe how cool it really is. You can see down to the brands of the names on the valves."

Josh Sutter
President of Sand Separation Solutions LLCSandSep_logo_small_NexTechARsolutions_client_401x250-1





"Furniture shopping is a very tangible process. With NexTech AR technology, we are able to bring our TV Lift Cabinet and Fireplace showroom experiences to life. Online shoppers can view the TV lift cabinet or Electric Fireplaces from every angle and zoom in to see the quality construction up close. We are pleased to offer this in-depth product view to our customers who aren’t able to visit our showroom in person."

Frank Quinlisk
Vice President of Marketing


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