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Nextech AR’s Metaverse Solutions

The most scalable, lowest cost, and highest quality

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ARitize 3D Black Text wide@2x

Our AI-powered platform turns existing 2D product images or CAD files into exciting, high-quality 3D and AR content. Our ability to scale, lightning-fast 3D model creation, unbeatable low cost and white-glove service simply can’t be matched!

Dual Shock Mountain Bike

2022 Scott Spark 910 CArbon Dual Shock Mountain Bike



Samsung Fridge RF28R6201SR


Left-Facing Sectional Sofa

Napa Left-Facing Sectional Sofa


Milkshake Maker

Brentwood Milkshake maker



Hermès Handbag


Basketball Shoes

Nike Giannis Inmortal



Put the power of personalization in your customers’ hands! Our product configurator tool changes the color of an object as well as its arrangement, allowing clients to explore countless options and pick their favorite.



gaming chair (1)

Hotspots & Animations

Don’t make customers endlessly search for the information they’re looking for – add hotspot messages to your 3D and AR models that describe and link to specific features of your product through a single click!

Walk customers through the usability of your product with unique and creative animations. Adding eye-catching and engaging movement to 3D and AR objects not only brings them to life, but effectively demonstrates their function where a written description fails to.

hair dryer




coffee maker



A self-serve platform that allows for the creation and management of clickable 3D and AR banners for ecommerce sites. Spinning 360º product models are sure to capture customer attention as they interact and engage with these banners.

Interactive 3D and AR product models enable customers to no longer rely on guesswork to determine if the product truly fits their needs, leading to happier customers.

You can select from our preset and most commonly used banner sizes. Dimensions are based on Google Ads’ recommendation for the most successful banners. 


Banner sizes 1


Or create a custom banner dimension for personalized and unique creations on social media.

Billboard 970x250

Medium Banner 300x250
(Social Media)


Skyscraper 160x600


Half Page 300x600


Button in room (1)


ARitize Decorator

Virtually place 3D product models in beautiful settings without the high cost of photography. One 3D model lays the groundwork for a visually appealing and beautiful product portfolio. Easily switch up the environment, size and angle of items without the traditional hassle of equipment, lighting, props and more.


Group 7803

Button in room


ARitize_Swirl_Primary_Wide_dark 1

Transform CAD files, blueprints and prototypes into Your Most Important Marketing Asset. Converting computer-aided design (CAD) files to 3D models has never been easier. Unlock your assets’ potential and drive your marketing strategy with realistic digital products for training, demos, commerce and more.

Glasses P1



S65 Boat




Exploded Views

Simplify the complex for your customers. Our exploded view feature breaks a product down into its individual components in 3D and AR to showcase internal structures as well as the smallest details.

ABB Robotic Arm




Integrated Platform Partners



big commerce

woo commerce