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Augmented Reality Solutions for Ecommerce

We provide you with a powerful end-to-end augmented reality (AR) platform designed specifically to increase online sales. Start with easy and scalable 3D/AR model creation and grow with 3D advertising banners, AR smart packaging and more.


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Augmented Reality for ecommerce at scale,
at a speed, ease, and price that can’t be matched.


Nextech AR Solutions Background


Boost customer engagement

Get more product engagement time from customers using 3D/AR on your website. It’s a fun, engaging, and time-saving way to shop.


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Increase add to cart

Encourage more view to cart conversions with AR visualizations of your products.



Reduce product

Diminish buyer’s remorse before it happens. Reduce your product returns significantly.


Our unique Artificial Intelligence technology creates thousands of 3D/AR models for a fraction of the cost.

It’s fast

Get thousands of 3D products on your site in just a few hours or days.

It’s easy

We use a few of your product images and our AI turns them into high-quality 3D visuals that customers can place in their room before buying.

You’re in control

Review, approve and push 3D models live on your product pages.

It’s affordable

Pay a minimal monthly fee for your SKUs. Enjoy the results.

It’s scalable

Pick a plan based on the number of product SKUs that you need and let our AI-powered technology turn your images into 3D visuals.

It drives results

Use our analytics dashboard to track and measure increased product engagement, interaction and new revenue in real-time.

Our 3D and AR products to help ARitize your business

image_threedy ai


With our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform, we turn your existing 2D product images into exciting and high-quality 3D and Augmented Reality content at a speed, cost, and ease that simply can't be matched.

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image_threedy ad


Reach your audiences through our innovative 3D/Augmented Reality ad solutions, exceed your marketing ROI using our Threedy Ads service.

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image_genie ar


ARitize CPG is an Augmented Reality hologram experience triggered by a visual anchor such as a QR code placed on product packaging, in-store aisles or endcap displays.

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Spin it and try it for yourself!

Sketchers Glide-Step Sport


Samsung Refrigerator






Power up your online business with our
AR ecommerce solutions.



Increase conversions and decrease returns with our App-Free ‘WebAR’ solutions

Use a “View in AR” button on your product page and give your product a 3D visual treatment that will enable your customers to pinch, zoom and rotate it. Allow your customers to view the product in their own environment and directly add-to-cart!


Virtual showrooms at your customers' fingertips

Say goodbye to boring flat photos and say hello to more sales. With 3D/AR visualization, your customers can see and experience your product from every angle before they buy. And with the ability to zoom into your product, they can examine the smallest of details and product features.





Take your brand to the next level with AR smart packaging

Stand out from competitors and add enhanced functionality with smart packaging. Smart packaging AR experiences are triggered by a visual anchor, such as a simple and inexpensive QR code placed on product packaging, in-store aisles or endcap displays. Interactive AR holograms take smart packaging to a new level with exciting 3D objects, innovative visual effects and engaging episodic content to connect with customers!


Track and measure your AR model performance

Use our powerful analytics dashboard to track and measure your ROI. View increased product engagement and interaction, add to cart rates and new revenue generation in real-time.



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We deliver out-of-your-seat experiences for your audiences across the globe.

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