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NexTech AR Solutions is:

Entertainment Unequalled

Capture the limitless possibilities of augmented reality for entertainment. Drive customer engagement, excitement, and loyalty through memorable, immersive and viral AR brand experiences.

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A 360 AR experience can build competitive brand advantage, long-term customer value and evangelism. Create customized brand experiences and events to increase customer engagement and revenue.


Excite and engage.

Delight your customers and move beyond 2D digital media experiences. Allow your customers to step into a whole new world to experience your brand like never before.


Create brand love.

Build positive brand equity and allow your customers to interact with your brand within carefully curated AR experiences that align with your brand’s messaging and positioning.


More bottom line.

Use augmented reality to generate more revenue while building your brand. Provide paid VIP access to these unique brand experiences by charging admission fees.

Custom Branded 360 AR Experiences

Building brand engagement, excitement, and loyalty can be extremely challenging, especially in fast-moving and highly competitive environments. With Nextech AR, you can create memorable, immersive and viral 360 AR-driven brand environments to keep your audiences highly engaged. 

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