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Nextech AR holoX, The Hologram Creation App

holoX is the first on the market app that lets you CREATE, SHARE and VIEW holograms on your smartphone device. It is as easy as creating a video. 
Sign up below for our Beta release on iOS this coming August 2021.

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Background - HoloX powered by Nextech AR Solutions



Create Holograms 

Record holograms anywhere with just your smartphone device. Our machine learning solution will take care of processing in just a few minutes. Add a description and pick the color for the thumbnail, and that's it, your hologram is ready to be shared with the world! 





Share Holograms 

Share your holograms with friends using a QR code or across other social platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram! 

Web Background for Nextech AR's HoloX



View Holograms 

 View holograms in any place: your home, an office, a conference hall, or outdoors! 
And even better, anyone, anywhere can beam you as a hologram, wherever they are!

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