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Nextech AR HoloX

holoX is the first on the market app that lets you CREATE, SHARE and VIEW holograms on your smartphone device. It is as easy as creating a video. 
Sign up below for our Beta release on iOS this coming August 2021.

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Background - HoloX powered by Nextech AR Solutions



Create Holograms 

Record holograms anywhere with just your smartphone device. Our machine learning solution will take care of processing in just a few minutes. Add a description and pick the color for the thumbnail, and that's it, your hologram is ready to be shared with the world! 





Share Holograms 

Share your holograms with friends using a QR code or across other social platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram! 

Web Background for Nextech AR's HoloX



View Holograms 

 View holograms in any place: your home, an office, a conference hall, or outdoors! 
And even better, anyone, anywhere can beam you as a hologram, wherever they are!

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