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InfernoAR Service Level Agreement


This Service Level Agreement ("Agreement") sets forth the details regarding the level of service and technical support that apply when the Customer's account is in good financial standing.


1.1. For purposes of this Agreement, a Unit of Downtime is defined as one period of at least 15 minutes during which access to the Inferno services are unavailable because of problems with the network, systems, and operating systems.

1.1.1. A Unit of Downtime does not include: Problems caused by factors outside of Company’s reasonable control Problems resulting from any actions or inactions by Customer or any third party Problems resulting from Customer’s equipment and/or third party equipment or software not within Company’s sole control Unavailability during emergency Internet problems outside Company’s network Any publishing point failure when other publishing points are available

1.2. In any calendar month, Company guarantees that Downtime will not exceed one (1) Unit of Downtime excluding, however, emergency or regularly scheduled maintenance. Any regularly scheduled maintenance will be performed during the hours of 10 pm to 3 am Pacific Time. The Company works to ensure the functioning of all systems through continuous monitoring.

1.3. If Downtime exceeds one (1) Unit of Downtime in any calendar month, Company will, upon Customer’s written request, credit Customer’s account (a "Downtime Credit") in an amount equal to the pro-rata price for one (1) day of service, for each instance of a Unit of Downtime as that term is defined herein.

1.4. To receive Downtime Credit, Customer must request such credit by sending an email to support@jolokia.com within seven (7) days after the occurrence of a Unit of Downtime. The aggregate maximum number of Downtime Credits to be issued for any and all instances of Units of Downtime occurring in a single calendar month will not exceed seven (7). Downtime Credits will be applied upon issue of the first invoice following the request for Downtime Credit.

Technical Support

2.1. A member of Company’s technical support help desk staff will be available to assist Customer with problems and questions regarding the Company’s services.  Company will supply telephone and/or email support to Customer regarding the Company’s services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2.2. Customer may contact technical support help desk via email at support@jolokia.com. The Company may, from time to time, develop additional methods for Customer to contact the help desk, and will make information regarding such methods available at Company’s website.  As necessary and at Company’s sole discretion, support may be available via telephone at +1.408.689.0290.