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Community Guidelines

Community guidelines apply to everyone and all content on the platform. We are committed to ensure safety in the ARitize Holograms community and reserve the right to remove any content, including but not limited to, holograms, video, audio, images, comments and text that violates our community guidelines. We update the community guidelines frequently to adapt to new risks and keep the platform safe.

Individuals will be informed whether their content is violating our guidelines and with the chance to appeal the decision. Any individual engaging in severe or repeated violation of the guidelines will be banned from the platform. Threats to public safety will be reported to local authorities.

Our mission at ARitize Holograms is to inspire creativity and enable creators to Create, View and Share holograms. Our goal is to promote safety and inclusion within this creative space which encourages creators to engage in the community and inspire others.

Any content or individual promoting, praising, depicting, normalizing, glorifying and supporting the below categories is considered a violation of our guidelines and will be removed from the app.

  • Violence, dangerous individuals and organizations
  • Terrorism, organized hate and crime
  • Hateful behavior and hateful ideology
  • Harassment and bullying of any kind
  • Sexually explicit content and nudity involving adults or minors
  • Violent graphic content, suicide and self-harm
  • Illegal activities, scam and fraud
  • Regulated goods, weapons, drugs, alcohol and control substances
  • Violation of privacy and personally identifiable information
  • Impersonation and misinformation
  • Violation of any kind of Intellectual Property and Copyrights