Overview of the Event Dashboard

Once you've logged in, click on the 'My Shows' tab located in the admin panel on the left. After you click on your show, you will be brought to your event's 'Dashboard.'

Path: Admin panel > Dashboard

The Dashboard!

Here you can view the basic profile information of your event. If you click on the 'Edit' button, you will be re-directed to the 'Settings Control Panel' where you can customize your Event home base and show settings.

Note: You can navigate through the tabs displayed in the blocks in the 'Dashboard' page below or you can go through each of them in the admin panel on the left.

Event links!

Your event links can be found under 'Event links' located on the right in the Dashboard. The two main links are the 'Event Home Base' and 'Map Editor.'

These links are also located on the top right hand corner in every tab for easy access.

  • Event Home Base: This is the link to your event for all your attendees to sign in.
  • Map Editor: You can use the Map Editor to create and customize a floorplan and to add and place your booths and display them in the order you want.