Overview of the Map Editor

What Does the Map Editor Do?

The Map Editor allows you to make certain changes to your interactive floorplan, such as adding, editing, and deleting booths. You'll make and save these changes via two toolboxes available inside the Map Editor.

On top of allowing you to add or delete booths, the Map Editor allows you to resize, rotate or split booths and enable a grid to help you place your booths.

You can also assign/change booth numbers, assign/change booth types for booths, add a red X to a booth, change a booth number's font size, set a booth to be purchasable/unpurchaseable, set a custom discount for a booth, or create a reservation code for a booth.

Path: Dashboard> Edit Map Layout


Each toolbox makes different kinds of changes to your booth or to the map:

  • Drawing Tools� add booths and make changes to a booth's physical properties. 
  • Edit Booth Details� make changes to a booth's information, such as its booth type and assigned exhibitor. 

Read on for a full breakdown of each toolbar's functions!

Drawing Tools

  • Add, resize, rotate or split booths; turn on the grid or choose for booths to snap to the map grid.



    1. Go to the Map Editor
    2. Click a booth to begin editing the booth, or click "Drawing Tools" to create a booth if you need to make a new one! 
    3. If you were creating booths, be sure to click on the booth creation button again to de-select it. For more information on creating booths or adding a booth to your mapclick here.
    4. If you're using the "Edit Booth Details" toolbox to edit a booth's non-physical properties, be sure to click the corresponding button at the bottom of the toolbox tab to enact your changes.
    5. Click "Save Map Layout Changes" in the top toolbar or turn on the Map Auto-save option.

Edit Booth Details

  • Change booth numbers; assign booth types; add a red X to a booth; change the font size for a booth's number; set a booth to be purchasable/unpurchaseable; set a custom discounted price for a booth; set a reservation code for a booth; assign/un-assign an exhibitor to/from a booth.

Click here for more information on editing booth details. 



  • Use the slider at the bottom right of your map to zoom in and out of your map to make changes more easily.


  • Clicking "Save Map Layout Changes" / turning on the Map Auto-save option will also publish your changes to your Mobile Map.
  • The only file format available for a map export is JPG.