Edit booth details using Map Editor

Click here for steps on how to add booths to your map using the 'Map Editor'. 

Edit Booth Details

The tools in this box allow you to edit the non-physical properties of a booth-  it's number, the booth type, purchase options, exhibitor assignments, etc. These properties fall under 3 collapsible tabs:

  • Booth Information
  • Purchase Settings
  • Exhibitor Assignments


Path: Dashboard > Map Editor
  1. Click on a booth.
  2. Click the "Edit Booth Details" button.
  3. Change the field values or adjust the toggle switch for the properties you wish to update.
  4. Click "Update Booth Info""Update Purchase Settings", or "Add", depending upon which tab you're working under inside the box. (click "x" next to an exhibitor assignment to remove an exhibitor from that booth)
  5. Click "Save Map Layout Changes" or turn on the Map Autosave button.



Important Notes

  • If you remove an exhibitor from a booth, the booth will not automatically become purchasable again; you must check the "Purchasable" box and click "Update Booth Information" for the booth and save your changes.
  • The "Price" field only allows you to lower a booth's price, and checkout will always take the lower price on a booth when comparing it to booth type prices. Leave the Price field blank if you're using the booth type price.
  • Clicking "Save Map Layout Changes" or turning on the map auto-save function will also publish your changes to your mobile app.
  • You cannot export a hi-resolution image of the map.