Booth placements: Add, delete, move, split booths using the Map Editor

All using the Map Editor!

Path: Dashboard > Map Editor

Add a booth

For details on how to add a booth to the map using the map editor, click here.

Delete a booth

  1. Click on a booth in the map
  2. Press the "Delete" or "Backspace" key on your keyboard

Move a booth

  1. Click the booth you want to move
  2. Then, either move the booth with your mouse, or, for finer control, on the keyboard, press:

a. Arrow key = moves booth 6 scale inches

b. Shift + Arrow key = moves booth 1 scale foot

c. Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + Arrow key = moves booth 5 scale feet

Split a booth

  1. Click to select an existing booth, or click to add a booth to the map
  2. Click on the booth you wish to split. Now, click under "Split", and enter values for number of columns and rows, and then click "Split Booth"

Create a row/column of booths

1. Add a booth, then update its dimensions to make one long booth that's the length of your row/column, and can be split into the number and size of booths you need.

As a practice example, you can try creating an 80x20 column that can be split into 4 20x20 booths.

2. Move your row into position on your map.

3. Finally, click to select the long booth, and split the rows/columns for the number of booths you need!