Retrieving the Embed Code & Client Key

Embed Code Retrieval

1. You will be given an ARitize 3D account to access your models through the dashboard. Sign in to the ARitize 3D Portal.blobid1.jpg

2. Once you are successfully signed in, click on the Products tab.blobid2.jpg3. When you are on the Products page, click on a SKU associated with any product to access your product.


4. You are now able to view at your 3D model on the Product Details page. Click on the Embed Model button to access the code for your embed buttons.


5. Click on the Embed Buttons to access the embed buttons including View in 3D and View in AR. Then, click COPY BUTTON EMBED CODE button.

Note: There are extra features in the image below including View in a room and Customize. If you are interested in these extra features, please contact us.


6. Paste these codes into your website and buttons associated to this SKU will show up in your website.

Note: The product must be in Client Approved state before you are able to copy button embed code as in the picture above.


Client Key Retrieval

The client key value is in the any product page in the ARitize3D portal. The client key value is a unique identifier for clients meaning different clients are assigned different client key values.



In this example below, the client key value is CLIENT_KEY. Using your CLIENT_KEY value in the code you pasted on the website from step 6 of the Embed Code Retrieval section allows you to access to all products in ARitize 3D portal.


<script type="text/javascript">

(function (sc, d, t, u, k, s, p) {

if (sc.QUICK_AR_INIT) return; sc['QUICK_AR_INIT'] = { key: k };

s = d.createElement(t), p = d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; s.src = u; p.appendChild(s);

})(window, document, 'script', '', 'CLIENT_KEY';


<div data-threedy-web-id="WEB_ID" data-threedy-sku="default">

<button class="threedy-3d-btn threedy-embed-btn" style="display: none;">View in 3D</button>

<button class="threedy-qar-btn threedy-embed-btn" style="display: none;">View in AR</button>