Adding and updating booth colors

Show Managers generally set a different color for occupied and unoccupied booths so the exhibitor will be able to tell whether or not a booth is still available when they glance at the map. Each booth type can have its own occupied and unoccupied booth colors.

When you are finished selecting the colors and adjusting any other Booth Type settings you need, click to save, and you’re finished! You can come back and change the colors for the booths at any time if you choose.


Path: Booths Setup > Booth Types 
  1. Click on a record to edit it, or if none exist, click “Add New Record”
  2. Under 'Booth Information,' scroll down to “Occupied Color” and “Unoccupied Color”.
  3. “Occupied Color” is the color the booth will be whenever an exhibitor is assigned to the booth.
  4. “Unoccupied Color” is the color the booth will be when there are no exhibitors assigned to it.


  • Each shade of color has a unique code (for instance, #c72020 is a dark red) so you can easily replicate and match colors for your booths.
  • Show managers also have the option to hide all booth colors using the “Hide Booth Types” button located in Exhibitor Settings. 
  • You must at least set an "Occupied" color when creating a booth type.