Add a Booth to the Map


  • From the Dashboard, click the green 'Edit Map Layout' button located on the upper right hand side of the page.


  • Click a booth to begin editing the booth, or click "Drawing Tools" to create a booth if you need to make a new one!
  • Under Drawing Elements in the sidebar to the left, you'll see 2 options:
    • "Click and Place Booth" Default booth size is 10 x 10 feet, but you can also specify a size by clicking into the height and width fields and entering new values!
    • "Freestyle Draw Booth" Allows you to create your own booth of any size by clicking and dragging on the map.


  • Click one of these buttons, then click on the map to begin placing booths.
  • Once you've finished placing the booths, click on the button under "Drawing Elements" again to deselect the booth placement function.
  • Now you can click on a booth using either the "Edit Booth Details" or "Drawing Tools" toolboxes to alter the booth or assign / un-assign exhibitors, assign a booth type, create a registration code, etc. Click here for additional information on editing booth details. 


  • Click the green Save Map Layout Changes button at the top of the screen when you're done!


Edit a booth's physical properties

  1. Click on a booth.
  2. Click the "Drawing Tools" button.
  3. Change the field values for the property you wish to update. (To rotate the booth, use the rotation wheel instead.)
  4. Click the "Update" or "Split" button if you're changing size or creating columns / rows.
  5. Click "Save Map Layout Changes".


Delete booths

  1. Click on a booth.
  2. Press the "Delete" or "Backspace" key on your keyboard.


  • Enable Snap to grid or Turn grid on if you're having trouble aligning your booths.
  • Use the arrows on your keyboard to move your booths on the map more finely.
  • Select a booth and hit the "Delete" or "Backspace" key to delete a booth.
  • You cannot export a hi-resolution image of the map.