Multiple Booth Editor


The Multiple Booth Editor places your booths into a scannable list and allows you to edit almost all of your booths' non-physical properties in one place (you still have to use the Map Editor to place and remove exhibitors to and from booths). 

Within this panel you can quickly edit certain details about the booths listed on your map.
Note: You cannot delete or add new booths, however, that can only be done through the map editor.

Path: Booths Setup > Multiple Booth Editor

There are 2 tabs to choose from:

Edit Booths Individually

Change a booth's number and add alternate booth titles, assign or change booth types, view booth type prices & which exhibitors have been assigned to your booths, place a price override (discount) on a booth, place a reservation code for a booth, or you can make your booths purchasable or unpurchaseable.

Bulk Edit

Change some of these properties for all your booths at once. You can also delete all your booths or un-assign all your exhibitors from their booths at once.  

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Edit Booths Individually

Make the changes you want under each column, then click "Save All Changes" to apply.

  • Number
    • Change the number on the booth.
  • Alternate Title
    • Give the booth an alternate title.
  • Assigned To
    • See what exhibitors have been assigned to your booths.
  • Booth Type
    • Assign or change booth types for your booths.
  • Purchasable
    • Choose whether or not a booth is purchasable. Registration must be turned on for this to take effect.
  • Booth Type Price
    • For purchasable booths, if you assign a booth type with a price, this is the price your booths will sell unless lowered by a Price Override.
  • Price Override (Custom Discount)
    • Set a lower price than the booth type price.
  • Dimensions
    • This information shows up on the booth roll-over for unassigned booths.
    • Does not change the physical dimensions of the booth. Editing this only changes what displays in the roll-over. Changing the physical dimensions of a booth can only be done in the Map Editor.
  • Reservation Codes
    • During registration, a reservation code can be used to hold a booth for only those that know the code. 

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Bulk Edit

Use this tool to make changes to all your booths at once. If you don’t want to change a value, leave it as “No Change” or blank. (Manual Price, Reservation Codes, Dimensions). Click "Save All Changes" to apply.

Important: Changing Booth Type

Choosing a booth type from the dropdown will only set every booth in your map to that booth type. It does NOT allow you to make changes from other bulk edit options to that specific booth type.


Bulk Edit Options

  • Booth Type
  • Purchasable
  • Price Override
  • Dimensions
  • Reservation Code

Additional Bulk Edit Options

  • Update All Booths Dimensions
    • This option will update the booth dimension display for all your booths to match their physical dimensions.
  • Delete All Booths From Your Map
    • This option will remove all your booths currently placed on your map but create a restorable snapshot first. 
  • Un-assign All Exhibitors
    • This option will remove all current exhibitor assignments from your booths. This cannot be undone!
  • Remove All Booth Numbers
    • This option will remove all the booth numbers from your booths. This cannot be undone!

The next step is to assign booth types using the multiple booth editor.


  • The Price Override is a manual discount. The system will always use the lower price between the booth type price and the override when using the Price Override. 
  • You cannot add booths to your map using the Multiple Booth Editor.