Assigning a booth type using the multiple booth editor

Booth types can be assigned one-by-one inside the Map Editor, or, individually or in bulk via the Multiple Booth Editor.

Assigning Booth Types in the Multiple Booth Editor

Individually / In Batches

Path: Booth Setup > Multiple Booth Editor > Edit Booths Individually 

Edit Booths Individually tab: Assign a Booth Type to each booth by using the dropdown box in the "Booth Type" column for each booth:

  1. If you have a lot of these to do, try doing 5 at a time, then clicking the green "Save All Changes" button, then doing 5 more, saving again, etc.

In Bulk

Path: Booth Setup > Multiple Booth Editor > Bulk Edit

When you do a bulk edit you can assign a single Booth Type to all your booths at once:

Select the Booth Type you want to apply to all your booths, then click the green "Save All Changes" button.


  • Be sure to refresh the map and save your changes after assigning a booth type if the booth doesn’t change to the assigned color immediately.