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Participating in a Discussion

Inside Event Home Base, Attendees, Speakers, and Exhibitors are able to participate in Discussions related to the Tracks listed for your event!

Setup Requirements

Discussions must be set up, first, before users can participate!

For users to participate

  • Attendees: Attendees must have an Attendee account for your show.
  • Exhibitors & Speakers: Exhibitors and Speakers must also have a corresponding Attendee account that has the same email address as their Exhibitor and Speaker accounts.
  • ALL users must log into Event Home Base to take part in Discussions!

Commenting on an existing Topic

As long as a user has access to a Discussion, they can comment on any open and/or existing topic.
  1. Log in to Event Home Base.
  2. Click the Discussions tab.
  3. Click on the Track topic.
  4. Type any comments.
  5. Click "Post" when finished.


Posting a new Topic

Only specific users are allowed to post new topics!

The Show Manager can select which users can post new topics inside the  Attendee Access Manager under  "Discussion Host".

Or, the Show Manager can give all Attendees, Speakers, and/or Exhibitors the ability to post new topics by turning those abilities on inside the  Discussion Boards settings tab.
  1. Log in to Event Home Base.
  2. Click the Discussions tab.
  3. Click the green "Post New Topic" button in top right corner.
  4. Select the Track to post the new Topic under.
  5. Create post.
  6. To post, click "Start Discussion".

Moderating a Discussion

Only Discussion Admins have the ability to lock, archive, and/or delete Discussions, as well as lock a set of participants into a Discussion.

To set a Discussion Admin(s), go to the Attendee Access Manager and click the box next to the specified user(s) under "Discussion Admin".

When a Discussion Admin logs into Event Home Base and clicks into a Discussion in the Discussions tab, they'll see a box that gives them 4 extra buttons/abilities:

  • Lock Discussion� Keeps the discussion visible for all attendees but no one can add new comments.
  • Lock Participants� Only participants currently in the discussion can continue to add new comments.
  • Archive Discussion� Hides the discussion from the public but Admins can continue to access it.
  • Delete Discussion� Deletes the entire Discussion forever.


  • You can change the name of the tab for Discussions by going to Show Setup and Settings > Settings Control Panel > Event Home Base Setup > Tab Names > Discussions.