Exhibitors Completeness Check

The Exhibitors Completeness Check shows you a grid displaying which exhibitors have or haven�t entered information into the various fields of their exhibitor profile. You can choose which fields to check for and display in the grid.   

If you want, you can create an email to send to your exhibitors that alerts them to the blank fields, and asks them to complete their profile.

You can also click to fill in an exhibitor�s missing information yourself from this screen.

Path: Exhibitors > Exhibitor Tools > Completeness Check 


  1. Click the Choose Fields button to select which fields you want to check against.
  2. Click the Create Email button to compose a custom email to send to the exhibitors who appeared in your search -OR-
  3. Click Update Profile to fill in the missing info yourself.

Completeness Check screenshot


  • After you choose which fields to check against in the exhibitor profiles, your saved settings will apply any time you use this feature, though you can re-adjust them and save at any point. 
  • Any fields that contain entries will show as a check mark, and any exhibitors with check marks for all the fields in your search will be hidden from the search results. 
  • You can customize the email�s From address, Subject, message body (minus the missing fields and login link), and even schedule the email to send on a specific date!