Email your Attendees

The Attendee Email Center allows you to customize and send emails to your attendees in bulk.

Path: Attendees > Attendee Email Center

When you add a new record, you�ll be able to select the reply-to email, subject, message, and choose whether or not you�d like to include the Attendee's login credentials at the end of the email.  

You can also specify which Attendee or Attendees you want to send to, or choose to send to every Attendee in your Attendees list.


  1. Go to the Attendees tab and select Attendee Email Center.
  2. Click the green Add New Record button.
  3. We strongly recommend you leave the 'From' field blank and let it default to "no-reply". Adding a custom email here may increase the likelihood of getting caught in a spam filter.
  4. You can enter a 'Reply-to Email' address. Unlike the from email, there is no risk entering a custom email address here.
  5. Enter a subject in the 'Subject' field
  6. Fill in the body of your email in the 'Message' section, using the toolbar to customize the message format. If you want to set up placeholders in your email templates, click here
  7. You can choose to inform the recipient of their login credentials in the email by checking the bubble yes next to Include Login Credentials.
  8. You have the option to include files from your Links and Documents tab as attachments.
  9. Click Next- Select Recipients, then select your recipients for the email.
  10. Once you have selected your recipients, click Next: Send Emails