Add your Attendees


There are two ways that you can add your attendees to your show.

  1. Import records of your attendees in bulk

  2. Add individual attendees

To add Attendees in bulk go to - Attendees > Import Records
To add individual attendees go to - Attendees > Attendees List

Import records (bulk)

You can import your attendee records in bulk from a .CSV file. 


  • Go to the Attendees tab in the left panel
  • Select 'Import Records'



  • Choose between importing all records as new records or deleting all your existing records and replacing it with a new import and click on the 'Next Step' button. 




  • Select the .CSV file to upload.
  • Click on 'Continue: Upload File'



Note: Files must be in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format in order to be imported. 

Here is an example of .CSV format below.


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Add individual attendees


  • Click on Attendees List from the Attendees tab on the left panel 
  • Click on Add New Record
  • Fill up the records of the attendee you want to add. You can also upload a profile image for them and add their social links. 
  • Once your done, click on Save Record.