Booth Price Override (Discount)

The Price Override is for setting a lower price than the Booth Type price that has been assigned to a booth. You can do this in either the Multiple Booth Editor (useful if you need to discount a number of booths at once), or inside the Map Editor.


Path: Booths Setup > Multiple Booth Editor > Price Override
(also: Dashboard > Map Editor > Select Booth > Booth Information > Price)


Multiple Booth Editor

  1. Go to Booths Setup> Multiple Booth Editor.
  2. Find the booth that needs a discount (the 7th column over is Price Override).
  3. Add a lower amount than the one that is set for the Booth Type price.
  4. Click "Save All Changes". 

Map Editor

  1. Open the Map Editor.
  2. Click the booth you want to discount.
  3. Find the "Price" field in the Booth Information Editor, and enter a lower price than the Booth Type price.
  4. Click "Update Booth Information".



  • This is to be used as a discount for your booths. 
  • Entering in a price of $0 will result in the booth using the Booth Type price.